“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.” - Julia Cameron

You hate your child

I subject the Mouse to a lot of shit. Hard drinking, the smoking, hogging the remote. Playing dead when hungover. Towels on the floor, the occasional dainty fart – standard fare, really. Worst of all, I think, are the random, lightning, impromptu rants. I can explode at any time (no more fart jokes) and go […]

I Almost Moved To Kenya

  Zimbabwe is stupid. We got robbed in the last “elections”, we have a ruling regime that doesn’t care a jot about the common man, and our economy is tanking under the stewardship of our so-called liberators. Right, let’s stipulate that and get it out of the way. Last year, after the travesty of ZANU-PF’s landslide […]

Outrage Is A Middle-Class Pastime

Since I started working for myself, a few different people have approached me. You don’t write anymore, they say. You don’t tweet as much. You’re no longer yourself, what’s the matter? Is everything alright? My standard answer is that I’m busy, and that’s the awful truth. I no longer have the luxury of a Karen […]

I’ll never be a colony again

I have been some sort of employee for the best part of sixteen years now. Since I left high school, I’ve held down a job. Even though I went it alone for a couple of years in there, I was still on some kind of retainer somewhere. Until today. Today is (theoretically) my last day […]

Murderers Were Pardoned Too

The recent Presidential pardon, where 2,000 cons were released onto the streets of Zimbabwe, was widely-publicised. Most media reports I was exposed to (and believe me, I’ve been exposed to a LOT) were pretty detailed about the criteria to be used. Under Mugabe’s order published in the Government Gazette, habitual criminals serving a term of […]