“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.” - Julia Cameron

Outrage Is A Middle-Class Pastime

Since I started working for myself, a few different people have approached me. You don’t write anymore, they say. You don’t tweet as much. You’re no longer yourself, what’s the matter? Is everything alright? My standard answer is that I’m busy, and that’s the awful truth. I no longer have the luxury of a Karen […]

I’ll never be a colony again

I have been some sort of employee for the best part of sixteen years now. Since I left high school, I’ve held down a job. Even though I went it alone for a couple of years in there, I was still on some kind of retainer somewhere. Until today. Today is (theoretically) my last day […]

Journey to Pole-arised Island

  “Land! Hoe!” came the shrill cry of the poor sod assigned the dawn watch. Captain Don’t-Look Prettyhard of the stale ship Enterplise, up at the crack as was his custom, bolted from the aft cabin and scanned the horizon. “Look East, Captain” yelled the boy in the crow’s nest, prompting Prettyhard to jerk around […]

Journalist fingered, raises stink

A local journalist has raised a stink, after he was fingered in a corruption probe to dirty-mind whether he had flouted tender procedures. Tasked with identifying suitable players in the catering industry to supply sadza and poke borns on a daily basis, he inflated invoices by a whooping one dough-lar. The journalist has evaded arrest, […]

40 Years A Slave

  Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura, head of End Time Message Blah Blah church, has been found guilty of four counts of rape and been sentenced to serve 40 years in jail. Over the past few weeks, during this trial, I’ve had occasion to discuss the case with a few of my brothers at the Scud. […]