Brokeback Mounting? No thank you

So, watched the Oscar awards ceremony this morning. Boring. Except for that little bit at the end when everyone thought Brokeback Mountain would win Best Picture, and it didn’t. Bliss.

And damn, did you see the look on their faces when 36Mafia won best original song? I mean, A Rap Group? They were like, oh hell, it’s the nigras in town, and these guys were all over the stage, hollering and stuff, just overjoyed to be getting their gongs, and the mavheti were just sitting there stunned. Hehe.

Seriously though, I’m glad Crash won. It was great movie for me, I didn’t think it was really The Best Picture I saw all year, but hey, as long as Broke Back Mounting didn’t win it, I’m happy.

Gay cowboys? Try another one, china.

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  1. Crash was crap, BM better movie by far so it should have won. I am not condoning the subject matter but it is a better movie

  2. Yeah, right. That movie is never going to show in Zimbabwean cinemas though, is it? Surely UB would never allow that sort of imperialistic brain-washing and moral decadence to flourish here…

  3. I havent watched either but from what I hear the cowboy film should have won. Big hullaballoo about it, and the gays here are crying foul – “We was robbed” etc

    Robbed by who, is my question.

  4. Yeah well, that’s why they’re the Academy awards, if you want to provide your own awards create your own body. And how acceptable is a movie about Broke Back Mounting anyway?

    Are we ready for it? Certainly not in Africa, methinks.

  5. all this liberal arty farty crap. I’m with Mister Black, Africans are out dying of hunger, and we must be worrying about white people giving it to each other up the a*s. We do not think so

  6. I wonder if that Tsotsi flick is as good as they say it is….I hope it’s not some sick, slow drama kunge the ones mavheti like.

  7. “South African film Tsotsi may be big in Hollywood after winning an Oscar for best foreign film – but it’s flopping in the Eastern Cape.

    Distributors Ster Kinekor had decided to withdraw the film from Port Elizabeth because of a lack of public interest…” – SAPA

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