Let me try this again

The last time I tried this Tino accused me of looking at her as a cyber
whore 🙂 akandituka.

So I am coming down to Jozi for Jay Z next week and I was wondering if
you could take me around, maybe we can do coffee :-)….hehehe

9 Replies to “Let me try this again”

  1. joining the great trek as well…………there must be at least 20 of u chaps from the Keg coming this side for that gig

  2. Have a great time Joe can’t believe Jay-Z is coming to Aussie but not to my state so i won’t be able to see the master himself. Usarasike ku Jozi vekuHarare tinokuzivayi

  3. hey Mercia I wish I were going to Jozi also, but not to see the “master” but to see….RIHANNA baby!

  4. Wow this is all about me! Sorry jigga baby, I am actually in Durbs since last week and won’t be back until Sunday.

    You are lucky, my bf won’t even take me to Jay-Z

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