Mr Lova lova, hmmm

Uhm, turns out young Ronaldo may just be a bit worse than I thought. Another young professional footballer accused of rape – are these kids targeted by crazy, money-chasing hoes or are these boys out of control?

We haven’t had any details yet, but it seems the young lad had, uhm, relations with a lady in a top hotel. Turns out the “lady” is crying foul, and claims to have been touched chibharo. Is this another case of a bitch chasing paper, or did he really rape the poor girl?

How would I know? It’s easier to just pay for it 🙂

2 Replies to “Mr Lova lova, hmmm”

  1. Bitch chasing paper – I mean those youngsters have gals all over them I mean why rape when you can pay or get some for free.. hehehe

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