Mswati’s teen queen is fucked

In today’s what-the-fuck-did-you-expect section, take a look at this report from 2004.

Swazi King Mswati III has taken a 16-year-old Miss Teen Swaziland finalist as his 12th wife … Nothando Dube – the first princess in the recent Miss Teen Swaziland beauty pageant – has been taken to be the 36-year-old Mswati III’s next wife.

Wonderful. Now check this out, breaking news.

Swazi King Mswatiโ€™s royal house has been rocked by a new sex scandal in which his wife, Nothando Dube, was allegedly caught having sex with his close ally, justice minister Ndumiso Mamba.

The minister and the queen were arrested on Tuesday night at a luxury hotel, the Royal Villas, at Ezulwini outside Mbabane.

That’s what happens when you take children, fuck them, tell them they own the world, then abandon them in a palace with fuck-all to do.

Queen’s a ho-ho. Also, this guy is, literally, fucked.

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  1. You cant blame the minister…I mean she was thirsty working with 12 months in a year she would get December sex… being the 12th of thirteen. or she might could get January sex working backwards and then what? but yeah that 16 picture right.. Lord she nice…the misiter’s job is to serve the nation and protect the monarch first and well he served the monarch and the nation. if the queen happy her children the people of swazi will be happy. For she is the mother and people her children.

  2. Dunno man. I think she had the right idea. if your hubby gets to sleep around, why shouldn’t she? I figure the only way a polygomous relationship can work is if all parties have equal previledges. He can sleep with other people, I too am entitled to sleep with other people. Just have it as an open relationship. Even forgo the whole marrige thing.

    Too bad it had to happen in such a patriachical culture and thus, there’ll be consequences. But to call her a ho-ho? C’mon! It’s alright for men to do it, and even make it legal, but if it’s a woman, God forbid, she be expressing her sexuality. Also, JB, by calling her a Ho, ainchu playing your morals card. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey, does one have a choice when the King decides you’re the one (of many)?

    @Maximus: *eye-roll*

  3. Tara, sometimes you say some really stupid shit. FIrstly, no. Her husband doesn’t get to sleep around. He gets to sleep with his OTHER WIVES.

    She agreed to marry him, knowing the score, and promised to be faithful to him. That’s the contract and she broke it.

    I’m not judging her by calling her a whore. FACTS at hand state that she is a whore.

  4. Nah! Just a woman sick of sleeping with the same man, who gets to sleep around the compound. Just a women making it even. Remember she was only 16 when she signed said contract. She didn’t know any better. No, she’s all growed up and reckons there’s more to life, and she wants more.

  5. Really Joe? She’s a whore?

    C’mon the guys got 12 women. That means 11 are bored at any given moment. So the chick wanted to get her rocks off while her hubby was busy doing someone else.

    Got to agree with Tara here, this reaks of patriarchal double standards.

  6. I hear what you’re saying, but you’re ignoring the fact that she signed a contract, a marriage contract, saying she will be faithful.

    I’m all for women fucking whoever they want, but once you get fucking married? No, she’s a whore, and you know it.

  7. @ Tara, if someone had given you that option at 16, surely you would have had enough presence of mind to know enough about what you were getting yourself into. I know that any fool is able to get behind the wheel at 16, but you must have some kind of reasoning faculties that would allow you to know what you are willing to accept and what you aren’t. You can complain about the patriarchal system, but she can’t not have been aware of it when she signed on that dotted line. And that is a novel way of fighting double standards: fucking your way out of a patriarchal system. Other than gaining temporary relief from her boredom, what has she actually achieved? She hasn’t advanced anybody’s cause but her own. And while the minister might receive a shellacking, it’s her that is going to bear the brunt of the ignominy of those actions. It’s not her getting her groove on that I condemn, it’s her doing it while she was married to someone else. Because mukadzi we munhu.

  8. “And that is a novel way of fighting double standards: fucking your way out of a patriarchal system.”

    I like, I like, I LIKE!!!!!!

    right. girl signed marriage contract. she broke it. period.
    if doing that is referred to as ho-ing, well then she a ho.
    if she wanted out then she should have gotten outta de marriage mon!

    yes. king dude is a nasty royal prick who gets fucking pretty young girls to marry each year AND a string of other young girls that he pomps on the side (i fucking envy him on that front). contrary to what they say, he starts pomping some (if not all) of these girls before the reed festival; that is just ceremony.
    he should take this little bit of nonsense on the chin and get the fuck on with his horny ways because this is definitely NOT the only one of his wives who is getting a shag on the side. one man can barely keep up with ONE 20-something girlfriend, wtf is he thinking with 13 fucking women to keep shagged up!!??

    uchatyireyi kutsva matako iwe watambira murutsva?

  9. *loud guffaws careening off the walls up in here….* having spent two weekends in swaziland this year I can definitely tell you that I can happily take over from Mswati if the need ever arises.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch @Mos_Native said it. Play nemadhodhi and you will smell. King should take it on the chin and perhaps get one of the ones I missed last time I was in the Kingdom!!

  10. @ Mos_Native, did you say 13 wives?!!

    Well there you go, lucky number 13 happens to be the one causing all the shit!

    silly bugger should have just made it a nice number like… hmmm say 14 wives, and hey presto this frisky little number would have gone on shagging other dudes with everybody none the wiser, win win all round!

    guys can you just imagine being king M for a night, at least 3 or 4 carefully selected, writhing Nubian bodies in your bed all eager to please, a gift bottle of baby oil from Zuma to round everything off….

    ahhh, nookie, nookie, my kingdom for some nookie…

  11. But do you have the ammunition though to power through all the said nubile writhing mounds of female flesh? Because even the duracell bunny would have problems surmounting that hedonistic feat.

  12. the random young lass this side of the limpopo is an insatiable beast – that man (or any man) has absolutely NO chance with 13 odd women. its simply murder by numbers.

  13. Okey…this is not fair. Why is it that only men are allowed to sleep with who-ever and not women? Speaking of a marriage contract, i think it’s only fare to have the same for men designed. She is not a whore…she is A MOTHER TO A NATION & yes, a mother feeds the nation.

  14. *sighs dramatically* somebody on day release has been unleashed on the public. please get the men in white coats in.

    What does fair have to do with anything? Fair in this case is like telling the bus driver you only have $2 when you knew full well the journey was $4 and expecting him to let you go the whole distance on your $2. It’s not going to happen.

  15. Phind-G, lay off the Class As. A marriage contract is between the man and the woman. If a man breaks it, yes he is a whore. If a woman does so, she’s also a whore.

  16. The fucking lady did what smart ladies often do without first knowing how it’s done. Better luck next time, sex apostle # 12.

  17. by the by, off to the reed festival meself this weekend with a bunch of horny zimbos. A pig in mud has nothing on a darkie with 70-odd-thousand bare breasted virgins milling around.

  18. Of all women the black mamba struck the king’s wife! Wizards definately prescribed that he beds the queen to empower himself and dis-empower the king in the process. If he gets away with this, it will be Hail King Ndumiso! With friends like Ndumiso Mamba, His Majesty King Mswati III of Swaziland does not need enemies. Throughout history world Rulers have had their fair share of traitors who end up killing them. Talk of harboring vipers! Our King of kings and Lord of lords had Judas Iscariot, Emperor Julius Ceaser had Brutus, King Shaka Zulu had Mbopha and now the young King Mswati III has Ndumiso Mamba!

  19. The guy has a black mamba no wonder why he is called Ndumiso Mamba and he sure did justice

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