The Drum Circle of Life

Fanonites and Fanon-lites, Making Fanon sounds for foreign Likes, Baby Bantus and Mini Malcom Exes, Portly public figures expanding off excesses, Social-media socialists and supper club socialites, Spouting Sankarra, sharing Shakur, Pretending to care for[…]

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Flag Party Supporters Twar at Public Meeting

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019. HARARE – Mild chaos nearly broke out in Harare yesterday, at a public hearing on the Cyber-Chimurenga War Credentials Bill, when suspected Flag Party supporters sub-tweeted participants critical of the proposed law. The law seeks[…]

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I created a monster

In case you’ve been under a rock, I created a digital magazine called NBO. NBO stands for None But Ourselves (can free our minds). It is a fledgling digital magazine, built on the principle of[…]

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That Time of the Month

It is the first of the month, which means that many men the world over are experiencing their monthly period. A period is the part of the monthly cycle when a man bleeds from his[…]

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Dear South African Student

I see your black behind walking them streets, taking your future into your own hands. I see your black behind singing and dancing and taking your government to account. I see you marching on Houses[…]

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Newspapers are held down by rocks to stop them blowing away at a news stand in Harare, Zimbabwe Monday, Nov. 20, 2017. Longtime President Robert Mugabe ignored a midday deadline set by the ruling party to step down or face impeachment proceedings, while Zimbabweans stunned by his lack of resignation during a national address vowed more protests to make him leave. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

How To Be A Zimbabwean Journalist

Newspapers are held down by rocks to stop them blowing away at a news stand in Harare. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis) Or, An Anecdotally-Accumulated Anthology of Obligatory Adjectives To be a journalist (sorry, scribe) in Zimbabwe,[…]

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