Put some clothes on!

You’re not just selling yourself, my sister. You’re selling yourself short.

You are so much more than that mini-skirt, there’s more to you than a boob-tube and booty shorts.

You don’t have to whore yourself out so you can live.

I know you got bills. Hell, maybe you even have a kid to look after. I get that.

You have to survive. But do you really have to eat a dick, just so you can eat?

Put that dick down, my sister. Good girl. Now back away slowly.

And run. Run home to your mama, your granny, even your big sister. Leave this life, and never look back.

You still have a chance. A choice. Find something else to do with yourself, because sleeping with men for money is no way to make a living.

Whatever Nicki Minaj says, you’re no bitch. You’re not a barbie. You’re a beautiful black woman.

You’re a princess of Africa, little sister. A daughter of kings.

Fucking act like it.

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  1. “but I have no choice”. There is always a choice, people just choose the ‘softer’ option. Even if some psycho is standing there, readying to blow your brains out in a hail of bullets, there is still always a choice. maybe not the greatest, but still an option.

  2. puhlease some do it for outright cash, others do it for a the right to be called mai\mrs. At least those who do it for money are being upfront or honest. The number of gold diggers who are veiled under the name of girlfriend\wife are plentiful.

  3. Obviously, if you can read, I’m not talking to the pure, unrepentant PROVOVO!!!

    I’m talking to my little sisters who are getting lost along the way. Yes, captain obvious, there’s whores in kitchens all over the place.

    But that’s not the point. There’s some good girls who are getting lost up in these streets.

    Those are the ones we wanna save, aren’t they?

  4. A prostitute asked a doctor: “Ummm, doctor why cant hair grow on my vagina?”

    Dr replied: “b*tch, have you ever seen grass grow on a busy street..?

  5. ok, so this story is on every blog that i visit, so i read his comments (apologies tara, still smdh though) …

    it just reaffirmed that i shouldnt have read the story … and any responses to it.

  6. BTW, you said NEXT: You don’t suppose all y’all are getting old (undecided whether it is on the wiser or just plain increasing conservative/prudish). You sound like our parents did, ‘these young people’ today. Although, not sure the old timers necessarily implied these kids were whores. Obviously not comfortable with the whole generalisation regarding the perceived gold-diggers. Some people might just be comfortable being that expressive, including of their sexuality. I dont like the idea of anyone telling another how they should dress, otherwise, they are whores, mainly because it goes down to men telling women how they should be.

    And on the not paying attention to the bigots, Eish. That’s how you end up with them in power, no?!

    Preaching done!

  7. Tara, if you read again, you’ll see that there are no generalisations in the post. I’m very specific.

    I’m not assuming someone naked in a bar is a prostitutes.

    I’m talking to prostitutes. Simple. So your indignation is misplaced here … deal with the matter put forth, not imagined over-bearing paternalistic high-mindedness.

  8. I beg to differ. This could have been about anything, JB. If you were being specific about prostitutes, you would have said as much. I honestly thought this was about gold-diggers. Thought the prostitution that came in the comments was a tangent. You read it again and tell me there is no way you could have been (to the reader) having a ‘these young ‘uns these days’ or a ’em golddiggers moment. And nowhere do you mention a bar. Just saying.

    But, okay, in that case, I understand how someone might resort to prostitution to make a living. Women do not necessarily go into prostitution because they like it. Nobody chooses to be in a line of work that loses them respect and has them labelled a prostitute. They go in, because of the limited options available, it is the best they can do. Surely, it’s not like there are ‘suitable’ jobs going begging. Times are tight, and sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And in some of those times, one gets/finds themselves in some shit they simply can’t get out of. They make the best out of a bad situation.

    Damn, I’m preaching again. And being defensive. Double damn!

  9. Actually, no. Let me.

    READ THE VERY FIRST FUCKING LINE. Twice. Then once more.

    Also “… sleeping with men for money is no way to make a living.”

    Stop being thick. Stop. Please, stop.


    *took the bait*

  10. OH MY GOD! Still, open to interpretation, man! You seriously can’t see how anyone could have read this a little differently?

  11. Interpretation? Someone who sleeps with men for money is a prostitute.

    What are you trying to interpret? It’s plain English.

  12. I yield!

    Anyone know where NGOs in Zim advertise job vacancies online, other than on Kubatana. Wanna keep my ear to the ground.

  13. Actually don’t know what that means. I’m assuming it’s a way of saying, ‘missing home?’

  14. Tara, try reliefweb.int and unjobs.org. What’s your area of specialization…some are circulated via mailing lists

  15. i find it pretty obvious that beezy is talking about streetside hookers, jussayin,

    i do not buy the ‘no other option’ bullshit. i KNOW and have known a fair amount of hookers and continue to have very interesting candid conversation with them on the odd occasion.i repeat: i do not buy the ‘no other option’ bullshit. (hi5 elle)

    but, on dressing skimpy and sucking a dick for a living, prostitution is just the basic version of the exact same exchange that every female has with the male of the species, but, stripped of all the social niceties and ethical charade.

  16. Strong words there, my son. Are you saying, and correct me if I’m wrong, that …

    … ALL women are prostitutes, one way or another?

    Oh no you didn’t.

  17. erm no, what i said is,

    “prostitution is just the basic version of the exact same exchange that every female has with the male of the species, but, stripped of all the social niceties and ethical charade.”

  18. fyi these women are still your sisters stripping and blowing strangers does not make them any less your sister. ching ching ;)…and job descriptions they differ some touch shit for a living others suck dick society just has to accept that..it is a choice that is made and not a softer option mind you

    @theawesomebloke everyone men and women alike prostitute themselves at one point or the other.. it the judging that’s the problem

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