Shakes on a brain

So there’s some deadly flu bug going around Harare at the mo.

And it seems the sucker’s got me. I mean I’ve had colds before but damn, this is some nasty shit.

Fortunately I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, and I’m on my way thru killing this bastard thing! It’s cocktail hour up in this bitch, and I ain’t talking mojitos.

Wish me luck *cough*.

4 Replies to “Shakes on a brain”

  1. Make sure you’re all stocked up on nasal spray, balmed facial tissues, throat spray with anaesthetic (if behind the counter cough medicine is not cutting it) and plenty of fluids. Food too always helps. And don’t forget painkillers for those pesky head aches. And none of that combined stuff either. The doses and combinations are never right. Recently discovered that the way to get through a cold with as little mess as possible is to succumb to the marketing and load up on pharmaceuticals. Anything else is just folly.

  2. Skriff, how long you been sitting on that one?! And JB, how could you miss it. Must be a helluva cold.

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