Show me what you got, lil’ mama

So, nigger.

Here we are, then.

You stood there and offered us love, peace and happiness if only we voted for you. You promised to wipe The Great Stain from our lands and the shame from our hearts. You told us if we voted for you, you’d get the economy working again and paying jobs would return to Zimbabwe. Ante up, nigger.

And you. Moaning that your prices were high (and constantly rising) because you had to buy your stock in United States Dollars and were trying to keep up with inflation. You told us if only the market was liberalised everything would fall into place and food prices would eventually correct themselves. Yeah bitch, ante up.

There you are. Yes, you – can’t afford to pay livable salaries because you’re not allowed to deal in forex, right? If only this was deregulated and that was decriminalised you could pay your workers enough to feed their kids, yes? Well, lookie here? Ante up, fool.

Is this what you all cried for? Is this what you voted for? Is this what you begged Morgan and the Blairites to Talk for, Negotiate for? Cos if it is, then it’s time for you to do YOUR bit.

Big talk time is over, kids. Big dick time is here again.

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  1. Are prices still rising like before or has the dollarization slowed down real inflation?

  2. Strangely, some prices are falling and others are rising. Although, you could say the few falling ones are only correcting to more realistic levels.

    Although a $10 pizza is still a fucking costly pizza.

  3. Well where to begin. At the end perhaps. We have had a fucked up valuation system. We were basing things or perceived not actual value. So when we now have a situation where we are paying in real money we have to ask ourselves. Is this what it costs.

    Then we compare how things are in the region then we turn around and say hell no mutha fucka. Then we ask is it that the local is not there, is the imported loaded with costs, is the service provider making up for lost earnings, et aliter ad infinitum. Bottom line is many of those things are in play. Slowly but surely we are finding “the true value” of things but some of these are hampered by the currency. ZSE is trading but we have some penny stocks that should be trading at half their value, so we have to change to rands but is everyone happy with that. Then again what is the value of it all. How can some companies be worth a few million dollars when the real replacement value of their assets runs into the tens of millions? Why is it that the 50billion note is still tradeable and has had the same value for the last two months.

    A whole thesis children. Daddy had a board meeting today and even missed radio so he won’t go into too much detail but food for thought.

    BTW – Pakistan has problems

  4. Oh yeah, Pakistan. Strangely, I hadn’t been able to sleep the night before last, so there I was on the couch reading The Bourne Ultimatum when the BREAKING NEWS ticker flashed across BBC.

    That’s pretty messed up, and I have a bit of history with international cricket so I can’t even imagine how scary it is. Automatic gunfire, all that business. Fuck, man.

  5. Not to trivialise the pain/seriousness/possible consequences of this event, but do we think that there is a Pretty Young Thing ready and waiting in the wings to officially take over from where Susan left?

  6. Accident my arse. Zviri pachena semachende embudzi…

    @Alias – agreed, though Tongogara was only the last in a series of suspected inside jobs between 1976-80 and most painful because he died on his way to personally inform the soldiers in Mozambique, as their commander, that the war was over.

    @Elle – he probably, like most married men, has a small house but dumb as he may be, I doubt he would crash his own vehicle and leave it to chance that his wife dies and he walks out? This Botswana small house story has been going round and just sounds like Zanu diverting attention away from the obvious.

    Watch the media blow up the story about the small house and the states truck… anything but the obvious.

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