Spot the Ball Competition

Nando- awesome

Need I say more? Okay. Uhm…. hat-trick, bitches.

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  1. Eish Ed, I am still attached to my crown as the sarky one around here. Step back and give credit where its due.

  2. There are times when even I, eloquent though I may be, am at a loss for words. And they tell me that silence is golden. Maybe its something we could peddle to the great unk and people like that Obadiah Musindo just to get a bit of filthy lucre in the reserves.

  3. i`ll like to apologise to dhlaks and jb for not congratulating you after you thrashed WH.Well done guys.

  4. HA!!!!!!!

    Pompey raped ManUre. Ed … what?

    Barnsley raped Chelsea … lol.

    Liverpool raped Newcastle … hehehehehe.

    Good times.

  5. Ed: what was that you were saying about madofo again? What goes around comes around mumwe wangu. We still love you though despite all your non-lover ways. Hater.

  6. hehe 😀 good times indeed

    may i take this opportuniity to offer my condolences to the Man U and chelsea supporters

    let the good times roll to wednesday 🙂

  7. And then Ingerlund being shown what’s what by the Kiwis! Man, how can you not love sport!?!?! chero the much vaunted KP akakwira ne the dynamic duo of Mills ‘n Martin (no relation to Mills ‘n Boone)

  8. That final very much a possibilty and as Ele said i must give credit where its due :Congratulations WIGAN.

  9. Its a pity peeps dont get marks for effort. Coz the first test vakambomira mira. then it was downhill all the way from then on. Thank goodness it’s not a long tour, all those whitewashes would have given the Saskos life-endangering big heads. Hopefully India will be ready for them.

  10. Yo JB,

    sorry about my bail yesterday I walked from Highlands to some place called Waterfalls and back. I didn’t even want to look at my shoes never mind put them on. I’ll holla at ya next Friday.

  11. Highlands to Waterfalls. I been gone a long time, but I distinctly remember that being quite far. How long did that little mission take? More importantly, why?

  12. I took a kombi for part of the way back.

    The mission took about 2 1/2 hours each way.

    I was there looking for another volunteer position at the Chiedza Children’s Center. I’ll moving in there on or around April 1st to help them design and build a classroom like structure.

  13. I didn’t really know where I was going so I didn’t want to just jump into a van and have it drop me off somewhere in the souther ‘burbs of town. Anyhow what are you saying for the next few weekends now that you’re a regular working stiff?

  14. There’s nu’in regular about me bra, I’m a “working stiff” but still rather irregular.

    Gala, what about Mr Seka? I don’t know.

  15. Rediscovered some old loves, cinematically speaking: Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels & Malcolm X. Life is worth living again.

  16. He, these ManUre sour puss(i)es. We never hear your complaints when decisions go your way at Old Trafford.

  17. After years of resistance, I have finally sold out to the establishment and gone mainstream. The afro is dead. I am now sporting hair straighter than the road to The Great Uncle’s Kutama crib.

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