Hardy Drew & the Nancy Boys

I had a great weekend, my fellow Happy Mutants, and I hope you had one too. I got to hang out with my favourite girl, all weekend, and that’s enough to keep any simple man happy. Too bad I’m anything but simple, eh?

Saturday was a bit of a bitch, though. From New Zealand taking it up ye olde rectum in the morning (34-19 to the Wallabies? In 2008? Guys?!?), to Harare Sports Club giving up two tries in the dying minutes masikati … wasn’t my rugby weekend, really.

On the plus, We got to hang out with my Big Sis Evonne, who is nutty as ever and sweetness to boot.

And now it’s Monday. Here we go again. Fuck.

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  1. London kinda sucked and looks to suck even further. Expecting highs of 29 degrees. Cant breathe by day, cant sleep by night. And I thought Zimbabwe was bad. We need rain without the humidity. I remember why I love winter.

  2. You’re kidding right?! 🙂 I think someone needs to come over for about a month and experience the good life. If I win the lottery, you are top of my list to come over, after I have done the usual else that needs doing of course.

    Go back?! Hell no! Wouldn’t trade my Zim upbringing for anything, but going back is just madness, not an option. I often wonder about the woman I’d have become had I decided to go back when my mother died. My gods, all those prejudices, the religion, the lack of ambition, the lack of benefits when push comes to shove (never claimed yet but…), the sexism, the poor and expensive transport links and no sushi. And all that crap JB is always complaining about. I can’t think of a pro for moving back other than not having to worry as much about a bomb going off.

  3. 1) Having a full time maid
    2) Being able to hang out kwa Mereki with the crew
    3) Having a proper yard where you can grow chibage and muriwo we green in your own garden
    4) Having a proper weekend where you can hang out with people, not having to plan 6 months in advance because mumwe munhu ari ku shift
    5) The Tube??? Are you fcuking kidding me, the tube is utter shite.
    6) Food that tastes like food, like that kaffir chicken that you have to chase around for the whole day before you can throw it in a pot
    7) Fantastic weather, dry heat, short rain seasons, temperate winters
    8) People like JB who keep the home fires burning
    9) Where else can you ask the hwindi to stop pa No Stopping sign, and the driver will do just that?
    10) Muchato we chibhoyi complete with the leeching rellies from the sticks and rice and coleslaw. Not to forget ma steps.

    Ten pros without even breaking a sweat.

  4. Oh Snaaaaaaap! Who got told? Nicely done there Elle.

    Tara dear, if you win the lottery, send me a ton of rice and 10,000 litres of diesel. Then we’ll be styling 🙂

  5. I give you 1 (but how can you avoid it with all the shit going on), 3 (if you have green fingers, which I don’t), 6 (although you can always buy organic and here you get far wider variety plus when push comes to shove, you can buy economy), 8 (because it’d be impolite to not), 9, and the second half of 10 (cause I never got anything decent on my plate, too many people and I never got to be bride’s maid or flower girl).

    2, no idea what that means.

    4, never had a pro’blem with friends on shift as all mine are nine to fivers and none work weekends.

    5, I am a Tube champion. It is faster, more expensive so less riff raff, and it gets anywhere. If you have an annual travel card, you are sorted.

    7, That dry heat weather is the reason I put up with the winters here.

    First half of 10, SLAW at a wedding? Zim wedding food is basically what you have every day at home if you are posh, or what you get on a sunday. Give me a starter of poached salmon and hollandaise sauce, an entre of duck breast with braised red cabbage, and a dessert of chocolate cheesecake. AND you are guaranteed a decent piece of cake. You wont miss the kiss either because you dont wanna go to church, because no one gets married in church.

  6. Atta boy JB, give da girl a big hug for me

    I still don’t really understand the whole rugby thing but without football, alternatives are acceptable.

    As for me, I spent my weekend with one such alternative. Getting back in touch with my hippy roots I spent 5 hours on Sunday playing the boho version of golf – frolf or frisbee golf- with 9 friends and bucketloads of beer and bong hits on Toronto Island.

    With regards to Tara’s complaints- no sushi is probably the biggest factor in my not returning to Zimbabwe right now. Being unemployed in Canada carries much more of a stigma than in Zim, nevermind the cost of living sans income. Still no sashimi is preventing my return… if only the Japanese were investing as heavily in Zim as the Chinese…

  7. 1) the average zimbo cant afford a maid anymore – thats just another mouth to feed
    2) there aint no meat/ booze/fuel to be doin that mereki shit
    3) there no water to bath, let alone grow your own veges
    4) evrybody is too busy dealing (or too broke) to have time for “proper weekend”.
    5) The Tube rocks – better than zim ETs – you queue for hours and you have no idea what the price might be on your way back home
    6) you have to run around for days/ travel miles to get any food. “proper food” is a luxury
    7) agreed the Zim weather is great
    8) fuck pple like JB 🙂
    9) only in Zim
    10) Fuck Muchato we chibhoyi . that shit is expensive even before you get to the wedding. My mate got charged $5000 to get married. When you get the wedding you HAVE to invite every uncle, aunt, cousin, and all their fuckin cousins too

  8. Alias, you ever tried Nato rolls? A friend promised to take me home with her to Japan if I could stomach nato rolls. Imagine your usual tofu roll with the usual suspects. Only this time the tofu is fermentated (translation, tofu yakaora). Smells like crap and the texture is even worse, like reduced okra. Probably tastes fine, if it wasnt for the thick snotty texture. I managed four, mainly coz I’d paid for it and I was too proud to have the Japanese waitress carry it off with a snigger plus I never speak ill of food EVER.

  9. Anonymous, a man occasionaly after my own heart. When you hit right to the point, you hit it right on the head. Kudos. 🙂

  10. What does the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have to do with Japanese food nhai Tara. Not to defend the Japs or nothing, but it’s natto, with a double T. And proper natto is the soy beans before they have been turned into tofu. You must be having the anglicised version of events. Like how the chinese do. For the record, what is a tofu roll?

  11. *SIGH* Fine!!! SOZ!!!

    Alias, you ever tried Natto (although from the web, spellings vary in the west) rolls? A friend promised to take me home with her to Japan if I could stomach natto rolls. Imagine your usual roll filled with fsh with the usual suspects. Only this time the fish is fermentated soybeans (translation, mabinzi akaora). Smells like crap and the texture is even worse, like reduced okra. Probably tastes fine, if it wasn’t for the thick snotty texture. I managed four, mainly coz I’d paid for it and I was too proud to have the Japanese waitress carry it off with a snigger plus I never speak ill of food EVER.

    Better?! 🙂

  12. Tara, you must have been one of those students who was diligent about doing their corrections when the teacher had inked in red all over your homework, no? re: web spellings, this would be wikipedia you are using? by the people, for the people?

    Sterling effort at setting the record straight there, ten out of ten for effort.

    But you didn’t explain what a tofu roll was?

  13. A frigging roll with bits of tofu in it. Tha Japanese will likely have a nice japanese word for it, but until someone tells me differently, a roll with tofu shall be know as a tofu roll.

    And for the record, Wiki has it with a double t.

  14. Point duly taken and noted Tara.

    For any renegades out there who feel that Google and its corporate machinery are taking over the world, there is a new search engine in town http://www.cuil.com (pronounced ‘cool’). Much better layout than google results wise. Worth a look.

  15. Cuil.com is alright, but it’s not going to replace The Google overnight. Google’s search algorithm is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and will always be the best way to find the best results to any web search.

  16. Gee, never thought I’d hear anyone real use the word ‘algorithm’ in the real world wth regard to computers. Thought that kind of lingo only happened on TV or in the movies. Way to go JB. I bet it even means something and you know what it means too.

  17. We’ll be back soon…
    Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more capacity.

    Thanks for your patience

  18. never had a tofu roll nor a natto roll (and really Elle, chill gal) though I pretty much enjoy all form of the bean curd


  19. Yeah, apparently the ZPF negotiators flew home last night to “consult” with Uncle.

    Rumour has it they have proposed that MT become THIRD Vice President, and were told to fuck off.

  20. Ooh, Italy have sent their Ambassador back to Zim. Seems the “Talks” are producing results after all. Question is, what the fuck are they talking about.

  21. I met that italian ambassador dude and his wife. They served me some mighty fine espresso… really though what did people expect from these talks? a new constitution or new elections or more stalling and wiggling room?

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