40 Years A Slave

Consigned into the hands of the devil
Consigned into the hands of the devil


Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura, head of End Time Message Blah Blah church, has been found guilty of four counts of rape and been sentenced to serve 40 years in jail.

Over the past few weeks, during this trial, I’ve had occasion to discuss the case with a few of my brothers at the Scud.

To my shock, a few have actually been questioning why this guy is accused of rape. Some think he’s actually got ‘game’, and he’s the victim of greedy women.

Another went to the extent to claim that he hadn’t committed an offence at all, and should be released forthwith and without prejudice.

Now that he’s been consigned into the hands of the ZPS devil, I’ll just be clear about a few things.

Rape, under Zimbabwean law, is sex without clear, express consent.

Forcing someone to have sex with you is rape. Too many of my brothers out here think rape is only in the narrow case of actual, physical violence being used to subdue the victim and then forcibly penetrating her.

That’s wrong.

Having sex with someone against their will, absent clear consent, is rape, guys. Whether the coercion is physical, financial, vocal, psychological or religious, that is not the matter at hand.

If you coerce her into intercourse, you’re a rapist.

Now you know. No excuses.