Alpha-limerickal arithmetic

This is a classic case of what boredom, and 35C heat, can do to a perfectly stable mind.

The Leader’s on TV today,
With something important to say,
I turned the thing off,
Then sputtered a cough,
Cos he’s on radio anyway.

“Just imagine what waits in the wings,
All the wonders another term brings!
[pause for clapping & cheers]
Give me a few more years,
And I swear you won’t recognise things!

“My opponent’s a bucket of shyte,
Always philandering in the night,
I dare you to deny,
I’m a wonderful guy,
Aand I always do everything right.”

I know one guy who would disagree,
Always weeping and wailing “Pick me!
As the rightful possessor,
And lawful Professor,
Of that other green MDC.

“When he swore, did Guseni intend
To preserve and protect and defend?
Were his motives all wrong,
Did he plan all along
To presume and destroy and upend?”

Today’s lesson on life in Harare,
As I finger my brand new gitare,
Is that most of you blacks,
Need to smile and relax,
Or in Roman – “nolo desperare“.

Edward Lear must be turning in his grave. And yes, Buff Daddy, that’s not proper Latin, but for this purpose, it will have to pass.

Won’t this day just end, already?

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