And so the story goes…..

and which one of us footie fundis did not see that one coming: from the halcyon days of 1999, to the steady decline of semis, then quarters, then not making it past the knockout stages, the chickens are surely coming home to roost for Fergie.

So for all their grand talk of ‘doing it for Bestie’, it all amounted to nought on the night. To add insult to injury, not even making it through to the Uefa cup!!! And it is with a certain glee that I rub my hands as I await the fallout of this, what with the Glazers having saddled the previously debt-free (allegedly biggest club in the world) Red Devils with hundreds of millions of pounds of zvikwereti. The only red thing they might be seeing for a while is the balance books.

Truth be told, it couldn’t have happened to nicer people. This is one of those situations that will sieve out the wheat from the chaff, and quite a few might be defecting to Chelski in the not too distant future. Or whoever will be topping the Premiership at the time.

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  1. Nice one chic! And note to all you ManUres, I didn’t post this, so I haven’t really broken my truce 😉

    But I’m real sad for you guys….not even Uefa Wooden Spoon? tsk tsk

  2. eh! baba – darkchild

    I see you having a good time out there. I am beginning to miss playing competitive proEvo with you. This joint misses your enthusiasm bro.

    wish you the best in all you endeavors. peace out!!

    and Hey MAN-U yakamakisa ruff

  3. Shame poor poor ManUre, drawing with Everton? I laughed my head off. Tigz, welcome baba, MunyaB when is the Christmas party will be back in town soon…

    Bulawayo is rocking, but I’m tired already so slowing down and just doing a little bidness before I return to the Big H.


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