Beenie Man kicked some serious ass

So I spent Saturday afternoon getting nicely soaked in whisky with mates at the Scud & Nanny. Not that the occasion was special or anything, but it made us well fit for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival at Old Hararians.

Finally made it there around half five, and the queues were fecking stupid so my mate organised a … solution. Not ten minutes later we were inside, having paid some rukaz a dollar to enter the queue right by the ticket booth.

All in front of a policeman. With the world’s ugliest dog.

Inside, we got the beers in, some Castle like the good old days, lived through the Stunner show (which was good), danced through Suluman Chimbetu’s show (which was ordinary) and waited for Winky D.

Unbelievable. The energy this bastard brings to the stage is something else, and I went apeshit along with everybody else.

Beenie Man was, inevitably, the shit! He’s awesome, his stage-work is awesome, his songs are awesome, and the dude knows how to work a crowd!

A fecking good Saturday all round, then.

3 Replies to “Beenie Man kicked some serious ass”

  1. lol Beenie was fah kin supah
    those rukaz made a bit that day we also got in via them 🙂
    all in all a very good way to spend a saturday.

    special mention for winky D he rocked but beenie showed him how its done

  2. I’d like to update my info because I still need to pimp myself out:

    can we update on your friends’ list.

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