Changing the Law for Gideon Gono

Regular readers will know that I am no fan of “Doctor” Gideon Gono.

The former RBZ governor, who I believe has behaved criminally in the past (like the time he looted all that money from FCAs) is ZANU-PF’s choice to fill the late Kumbirai Kangai’s vacant senate seat.

I have long speculated that Gono is gunning for the highest office. In fact, it looks to me like he’s being shoe-horned into that senate seat so that he joins cabinet, replacing the ineffectual Chinamasa as finance minister.

Slight problem, though. Gideon Gono, by current law, cannot become a senator in Manicaland because … he’s not a registered voter in Manicaland. He votes in Harare. He resides in Harare. In fact, I’m not even sure he’s ever been to Manicaland. Oh, diamonds? Okay never mind.

Anyway, now that ZEC have professed that there is currently no legal framework to transfer Gono’s voter registration to Buhera South or wherever, Ye Trusty Olde Herald trotted out our old friend Didymus Mutasa. (emphasis added)

“The Politburo wants Dr Gono to be a Senator and if it means that the law would be amended, then let it be, “he said. “No one will reverse the decision of the Politburo. We will ensure that the law fits with the requirements of the party.

“Ukaona vakuru vachitadziswa kuenda pachigaro nekuda kwevaduku, then there is something wrong.”

Amen, comrade *. The law must fit ZANU-PF, we cannot have a situation where the party is compelled to operate within the confines of current law, can we?

He is also expressly saying that Gideon Gono is bigger than the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s Justice Rita Makarau.

I agree. Much bigger.

* Insert “sniffing diesel fumes” joke here

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