Cricket is bigger than Chingoka

In this life, there aren’t too many absolutes.

It is easy to try and reduce our existence to a series of blacks and whites, but the reality is that we exist in a landscape of constantly shifting shades of grey.

The only absolute, the only thing we can count on, is that once in a while we’re faced with a simple case of right and wrong. A basic issue in which there is no grey area, there is no middle ground, there’s no prevarication and the fence has no sitting space.

The case of Zimbabwe Cricket, and the fallout from its maladministration, is one such issue.

Firstly, let’s stipulate that Zimpapers has never met a Chingoka they didn’t like. Even as Zimbabwe tennis wallows in the mud after years of ruinous admin by Paul, nary a peep has been heard from The Herald and co.

But let’s put that aside for a moment.

Peter Chingoka has ruined cricket in Zimbabwe. It is that simple.

There are miscreants like Robson Sharuko hemming an hawwing about players and their union, waffling about how they got paid this and that at this point, yet they don’t want to confront the real issues.

They choose to go after cricket players, who have suffered under bullshit admin for a long time, without considering why players would resort to unionising and industrial action.

What makes people resort to industrial militancy in the first place? Strikes do not happen in vacuum, they are a RESULT of something.

You have to wonder, is it negligence on the part of The Herald’s sports ‘editor’ and his staff? Or are there brown paper bags floating around?

Because there is a wrong and a right side here, and Sharuko is decidedly in the wrong.

I put it to you that Robson Sharuko would be fine if he didn’t receive his salary for six months (like Zimbabwe cricketers), because he surely receives a healthy stipend for carrying Peter Chingoka’s water.

The only problem with such short-sighted fools is that at some point, someone will realise that pee-squared have indeed been shit for Zimbabwe sport, and decide to wipe them off the admin map, legacies be damned.

It would be easy to call Robson Sharuko (and other Zimpapers sportswriters marching to the beat of his drum) an asshole, but it’s more constructive to say they are on the wrong side of history.

Your words (however grammatically fecked up they are) are noted and marked down for posterity. The internet never forgets, and neither do Zimbabwe cricket fans.

We shall overcome.

5 Replies to “Cricket is bigger than Chingoka”

  1. Sharuko is an ass-licker, of course the 2015 WC is around the corner he is writing that to earn himself a place on the plane courtesy of ZC. Personally being part of that administration for 5 years i don’t necessarily blame the players, the system was rotten 12 years ago and the real issues (getting rid of Chingoka & Bvute) were never fixed.

  2. The problem of the Chinkogas/ Bvute etc is that if someone (independent) does an audit they are going to be found out to be theives. They will hang on until eternity if the Patron -RGM removes them. As soon as cricket in Zim became about the money to be made instead of the players we were doomed.

  3. Sharuko should go hang……he is just somebody who has been paid to write those article(by ZC). Anga arikupi when players were going for months on end without salaries, when ZC was busy buying cars/houses for executives while players and low level admin staff were not paid. When thieves that played a big part in the down fall of ZC walked away with a golden hand shake…and those who worked the asses off went away with nothing.

    Instead of trying to get to the bottom of how ZC accrued a ridiculous debt like that he goes on seething at how the players betrayed the nation. Now I understand why ZIFA( Asia gate) came about. You ll “sell you soul for a few pieces of silver”

    No amount of spin can change what we think of Chingoka , Bvute, Manase,Mukondiwa, and you.

  4. Let’s not forget that Robson Sharuko was banned for life from all football-related matters. ZIFA found he’d taken bribes in the Asiagate scandal. This is the character of the character.

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