Don’t mug yourself

Be realistic. Set achievable goals. Take things slowly. Plan everything. Watch your step.

Don’t mug yourself.

If you’re gonna make a New Year’s Resolution, make it something like “I am gonna work out more”. Don’t lie to yourself and say you’re gonna run two kilometers every morning and visit the gym every night.

Because you won’t.

I know you won’t. You know you won’t. Your wife knows you won’t. Work out when you can. Run as often as you can. Cos you’ll miss some days, and if you make absolute commitments, and you miss one day, you’ve failed.

You’re gonna quit drinking? Nigga please. No you won’t. Promise to cut down. Drink at weekends. Forget about mid-week marastas or Thursday night Londoners or even Sunday hangover killers.

We both know you won’t stop. What you CAN stop is drinking during the week and on Sunday night. We all know what we feel like at our desks after a night on the lash. protect yourself, protect your job, and cut down, motherfecker.

As for me, I’m being simple. I shall work out more. I shall work harder. I shall have more vagina and less alcohol.

How can I go wrong? *

* Don’t answer that.

11 Replies to “Don’t mug yourself”

  1. and don’t lie to yourself and say you’re gonna do a “Thank you” post EVERY day 🙂

  2. See, right there is the formula to failure, JB. You’ve heard of setting ‘SMART’ goals. Surely your issue should be with the ‘Attainable’ bit, meybe even the ‘Relevant’ bit. Because without specifics, measures, a resolution is surely doomed for disaster. Simly saying you will cut down is BS. Leaving that last sip at the bottom of a pint is , strictly speaking cutting down. Running to the bottom of the garden is definitely, for some people, running as often as you can. I like ‘running two kilometres each morning’ or ‘quit drinking’. They are precise. There is never any ambiguity about whether or not you actually achieve such goals. There is no window for bullshiting yourself about how well you are actually doing. I tell you, you feel better working with specific goals than with the proposed loop hole system.

    BTW, just two kilometres? Seriously?! You meant miles, right?! And as for more vagina? Interesting. Too much information, but interesting indeed!

  3. Oh, and the giving thanks on a daily basis every day is a very good goal. Maybe not so attainable, but a good crack! Looking forward to seeing how long that pans out. May I propose no repeats. You can thank the same thing or people twice, but never for the same thing! Will certainly make better reading for us!

  4. Yeah, really, like I asked for ideas, LOL. By the way, thanking people is not just an online endeavour. I’m being more thankful IN GENERAL, not just here.

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