On “empowerment”

We already found out the hard way that not everyone is a farmer. Not everyone is meant to start a business, open a shop or run a company either.

We cannot, as a country, empower every single person. Hazviite.

See, the reward of opulent comfort isn’t available to all of us; in fact, it is disturbingly rare.

Of course, while those who possess wealth clearly exult in its display, that very ostentation underscores the fact that they are a distinct minority.

But that imbalance is entirely necessary. For how can a man know he is wealthy, if everyone enjoys the same comforts he does?

Not everyone can be rich; Babylon system would not permit such equity, for the power and privilege being rich offers depends on the very opposite. Inequity.

Otherwise how can power be assessed; how can the gifts of privilege be valued?

For there to be rich people, there must be poor people, and more of the latter than the former.

It is impossible to pull everyone up by the bootstraps. We cannot possibly empower everyone, simply because anyone standing tall has to do it on the backs of others. There has to be a labour force. Someone has to actually do all the work. The vast majority of humanity are employees by nature, not employers. Most of us are here to have jobs, not create them.

Most of us are not meant to be wealthy; we are only meant to have the illusion of comfort. I say illusion because when you’re near the bottom of the ladder, comfort is only relative to the comfort level of your peer group.

Yes, it is unfair, unethical and immoral. But it is reality. Nobody will make you rich, especially not a political party.

The only way to the top is to be a ruthless individual, taking every gap and opportunity available. How do you think the big-wigs themselves got where they are?

Empower yourselves, people.

It’s a cruel world.

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