F1 is for girls

So we’re in the office, and My Guy asks a question about MS Excel. Like, how to add 20 rows above a certain table cell, or some such shit.

We’re all like, WTF dude, the Excel help file will help you with that, press F1 on your keyboard. So we have a long discussion about how nobody, NOBODY we know has EVER pressed the F1 key.

Help? Me? Hells no.

In fact, we’d rather go Googling than RTFM (that’s read the fecking manual). Actually, whether it’s software, hardware or electronics, I often fiddle with it first and only consult the manual as a last resort!

You tell me, when you’re installing a new flat-screen TV or something, do you first pull it out, assemble it all and plug in all the cables and shit, turn it on, fiddle with the remote and get it up?

When you need help, don’t you go STRAIGHT to Google and type in “Samsung SV3Fblahblah menu” or something, instead of reading the manual that is just over there, on the coffee table?

Or have you already thrown it back in the box, with the CD and cable-ties and plastic wrappers and kaylite and that extra power cable with a round plug (like, what the feck)?

A real man will never read a manual, and will endeavour to install the thing first, then RTFM only if “something is wrong with it”.

Why RTFM when you can JFGI? Why suffer the indignity of admitting that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing?

It’s like one minus two.

It can’t.

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  1. and then the manual is in Chinglish to muddy the waters further if there is indeed a problem.

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