Food Delivery Goes Mobile

restaurantI am one lazy bastard.

I like to achieve the most, with the least amount of effort. Maybe that’s why, professionally, I gravitated so easily to the internet, because it goes a great way towards making that possible.

You can do almost anything online. Get a fake degree! Have an affair! Start a business! Build a fake character and troll The Herald! Steal hearts! Steal money!

Whatever you want to achieve online, there is a fair possibility that the tools and expertise are available.

For me, the internet has always given me not just a living, but a voice, without having to register with Badluck Jonathan Moyo’s repressive and exclusionary machinery of state.

And now, Zimbabwe’s internet has started to FEED me, too!

My travails using Dial-a-Delivery to order food in Helsinki are well-documented (change, tips), and I have vowed never to use their service again. That’s why I was chuffed to discover Restaurant Runners late last year.

Now they’ve gone even further, with an iPhone App called Why Q that lets you pick a restaurant, pick menu items, calculate delivery distance and charge (based on phone’s location) and order. All through the App.

As a test, I used it yesterday to order lunch from Gava’s Restaurant. I did it all in the app, and got a confirmation message both in-app and via WhatsApp. Bloody perfect.

Of course there’s a slight uptick in the menu prices used in the app, but with a delivery charge of just $5, it’s worth paying an extra dollar for my sadza and poke borns, and have it delivered to my door.

Now that’s technology I can definitely sink my teeth into.


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  1. its Pork not poke Joe, its bones not borns, you have navy to be break the queen’s language!

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