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  1. Two things:

    1. Darkness is no excuse. Women put their bras on and take them off with the clasp behind their backs. Can even do it with a shirt on.

    2. I am sad for you that you sometimes have to do it in the dark. Where’s the fun in that 😉

  2. I don’t what it is about us and those things, though. I’m sure when it comes to the crunch, nerves, blood loss in the (top) head … it becomes so difficulty!

  3. @Tara plenty reasons:

    girl with poor body image,

    girl WITH poor body,

    girl cheating and feeling shitty about it,

    shy girl,

    frenzied shag in an unfamiliar place, stumbling into a room and not knowing (or giving a fuck) where the light switch is,

    a fuck-in-the-dark (literally),

    low light shag with just the slightest light,

    and of course some kinky blind-fold shit to heighten the senses,

    im jussaying, u know maybe, maybe not … just

  4. Mos Native – considering problems faced with just a clasp, kinky blind fold stuff maybe a stretch!

    Here is a thought – start a new line with velcro instead of clasps or even better just let it all hang – go without!

  5. going without is the future! entering my crib is implicit agreement to my nudist conditions of stay 😛
    (should put up a sign for clarity and whatnot, in case of litigation or somesuch)

    the kinky blind fold is my thing – im sticking with it.

  6. Velcro? Going without? I envy your simple take on life. Rather than getting a mannequinne and practicing, just do away with the whole thing. Wouldn’t you miss the pretty lingerie? The ample cleavage?

    No, scrap that. I can’t believe I am actually discussing this.

  7. not really a breast man myself but, since we’re talking things breast-like, if the cleavage needs a brassiere for it to appear ample then its either too small or too flabby to be in my crib.

    i’ll make a concession for lingerie but only if its part of the props for a little show – which will swiftly lead to being without 😉

  8. I’ll have to take yo word for it,or,
    better still,
    try out the whole flabby-breast-prop thing,
    coz I know with ass,
    as it gets bigger, a clever girl can do lots with it,
    like clapping and stuff,
    we’ll have to try out the whole flabby-breast-prop thing …

  9. Trying to keep this PG rated Mos_Native but think of them twirling like helicopter propellers! They come real handy while doing a seductive dance – no need to use other props when God’s given pair can do the trick.
    If they are dangly enough, they can also join the clapping gig.

  10. Too late … this thread went south from the git go.

    I can tell you’re an Airforce man Serenity,
    Coz that wicked combo,
    Of the twirling flabby items on the one end,
    Plus big clapping wawas on the other,
    Thats a Chinook right thurrrrr 🙂

  11. Sorry Tara!
    Im all for equal opportunities and can testify that I have seen some scary flabby man-boobs in my time – I would have gladly stuck that stuff in the bra above. In fact, I would have thrown in a Chinook full of black ops military guys just to make sure there was no chance of that scary stuff escaping!

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