Gamu Nhengu is kicking ass

There’s this little Zimbabwean girl kicking ass in the UK. Gamuchirai Nhengu auditioned for The X Factor in Glasgow, and did quite well.

The only problem is she was obviously auto-tuned, which drew howls of derision from across the world; peeps are saying the fix is in, she can’t really sing, Cowell is a snake etc.

Well, here’s another video of the kid singing at some gospel thang in 2009. Kid’s got talent.

Pamberi newe Gamu, show dem.

4 Replies to “Gamu Nhengu is kicking ass”

  1. farkin AWESOME, now I cant sing for shit but I didnt notice the autotune there; whats that all about? She didnt sound like no lil weezy to me!?

    Oh shit, just watched the second clip, SHOW DEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *eat that Tara*

  2. I think black people have exeeded their X Factor winning quota. I doubt Joe Public has anymore black winners left in him. A 33% rate is very impressive. Simon can’t save her. Although she’s a minority ethnic, she’s not voluptuous or old enough to hold his attention long enough. Best you can hope for is Simon signing her anyway.

    My verdict? In the first clip, she was alright. Not seeing much vocal range, though (but, she did do okay in that limited range). Not like Leona has. Even Alexandra Burke had something. In the second clip, she lost me at ‘Jesus’. Overall, I find her unremarkeble, and somewhat dull, particularly for the the genre she’s aiming for. Hey, maybe she’ll get better with age and training. She’ll definitely do fine in the Christian music charts, but with a lot of competition I trust.

    Sorry i can’t be more positive. I’m really having a bad day today.

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