HIFA 2012 Opening Show

Now, I know grainy cellphone footage is best used in more … pornographic pursuits, but bear with me.

Black Umfolosi and the cast of Gri…Eshe performing “Unity” at the HIFA 2012 opening show.

Takanakirwa. Gri…Eshe was on today, and there’s another performance on tomorrow at 7 Arts, 1425hrs.

Now … marasta tonight.

2 Replies to “HIFA 2012 Opening Show”

  1. got a boner contemplating those JAMARAM white-boy-maRastas feat. Mic Inity, then the boner died down and i went to bed.

    shall catch Gregor Salto on Friday 10pm and maybe winky dizzle on sat afternoon … not into any of the cultural shit. my ass done got enough culture for dayzzzzzzzzzz …

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