HIFA’s Facebook competitions are rigged

updated below

I love HIFA. Everyone who knows me (or has been here before) knows that. I’m a “Liker” of their Facebook page, too.

So I’ve been following their little daily competitions, and was pretty chuffed when, on Tuesday, I knew the answer to the question (not “What is the matrix?”, a different question).

Question and answers
Question and answers


I answered … correctly! Mine was the second correct answer, and I refreshed a couple of times to make sure. Result!

This morning, I realised I hadn’t received an Inbox message telling me to come get my t-shirt (result!), so I checked their page.

The "winners"
The “winners”


Okay, hold on a second. What? Okay, despite the fact that two of the “winning” comments are EDITED, which is suspicious in itself, you know that timestamps don’t lie, right?

It’s no big deal, I’m over it (and of course the judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into) but, it’s the principle of the thing, no?

If you’re going to play fraudulent little games with tiny little things like this, how can you possibly have any credibility? It’s ridiculous.

Timestamps. Don’t. Lie.

I’m done.

update – HIFA sent me a message. I applaud them for that.

Told you I won
See? I told you I won …


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  1. This is totally unrelated to this topic, but navigating your website and comparing it to the offiicial Wits university website, I think to myself, why can we not get Joe Black to come and redesign it. Cause if you want an example of an utterly shite website that does nothing on the interactive front, Wits is your first port of call.

  2. @ Joe, I think you missed out a ‘1’ in front of that R40m. That’s the going rate of designing a website, don’t you know?

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