I can’t believe how expensive shit is in Zimbabwe, it’s like we’re supposed to live on roots and berries the way everything’s going up every effin’ day!!

I was planning a braai for my old schoolmate from the States for this past Sunday.

So I went to Bon Marche Supermarket and looked at the prices.

Then I said f this.

23 Replies to “I can’t believe how expensive shit is in Zimbabwe, it’s like we’re supposed to live on roots and berries the way everything’s going up every effin’ day!!”

  1. Wat afta all that noise you made – organising and inviting pple thats sad. The islands son – try the islands !!!

  2. Mum to newly hired maid,
    “Saka wati ndokutanga ne marii?”
    Musikana, “Zvamati hamuna mari mongonditanga henyu neyaTeacher iyoyo.”

  3. Bwahahahaha nice one, although soon teachers will be earning good bucks. Handiti they’ve refused to mark the O-Level papers till they get better loot…

  4. Firstly, note to self never ever hook up with Black coz the nigga is cheap.
    Secondly, why the hell would you go to Bon Marche instead of TM. i am pretty sure it is cheaper. And i know Avondale has one.
    Thirdly, I feel sorry for this friend (?????) who got shafted.
    Anyway, what were you looking to buy? Arent there cheaper alternatives like buying in bulk. Buying from butceries them selves.

    I must say though, Bon Marche is really posh and you shopping there impresses me heaps. Is the Italian Restaurant still there? Oh and the chinese acroos the road? Man, I am getting a bit Nostalgic.

  5. Girl, Bon Marche is not cheap but it’s still part of the OK Zimbabwe group. Which means prices are comparable to TM, it’s not even that much more expensive.

    And no, buying in bulk is not an option, only once every 6 months..this is Zimbabwe!

    And I’m not cheap, I treat myself very well. But don’t even think it, I know a certain someone who would kill you dead, twice!

  6. What was that? You are not cheap? You treat yourself? Figured! Ever treat anyone else? Didnt think so. So what are ou talkking about ‘dont even think it’? Who dis peep who will kill me dead? Prey tell my friend!!!

  7. Uhm, I’m sure you know her name by now young lady…

    Anyway moving on, Bon is not really posh, it’s just cleaned up nicely for the…uhm…more discerning customer.

    OK by any other name is still OK

  8. If I came to Zim, could you please throw me a Braai. Would like to see what you would conjuer up. Anyway, what is the status with he lady in your life. I there actually anything tere or you still in wishful thinking mode? I haven’t seen her in about two or three years. She in Uni I think.

  9. Haha, yeah she’s still in Uni. Of course I would throw you a braai if you came home, with salads and everything.

    And a tequila bottle, of course.

  10. now we need Lee, the investment wanker, to come in and tell us how we shouldnt waste our money on braais because they are not serious enough. We should instead be in the fields picking cotton or something else equally fruitful or soul building.

  11. if there is one thing I cant stand is people preaching to me. Does this Lee character know how much hard work it is to be funny, and he/she proceeds to lord it over the rest of us. If anyone is going to be doing any condescending it should be those of us who are out there busting their chops to entertain the hoi polloi.

  12. JoBlack: after the way u perfomed at mel’s braai last month, i dont recommend u having a braai or going to one unless there is no alcohol 🙂

    next time i have a braai i am going to invite you, dont come. it will just be a formality in case u find out ndikanyara.

  13. one need not try to be funny: one need only be able to manipulate life’s quirks and foibles, and other people’s follies.

  14. JoBlack i tried to call u on saturday bt ur phn wasnt reachable, had a braai by my hse 🙂

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