I see dead people!

I love The Herald, I really do. Today they’re trumpeting a report saying the USA’s voters’ roll has two million dead people on it.

Yeah, that’s a lot of people. How dare they talk about our voters’ roll, when theirs is in such a shambles? Take it away Tendai Mugabe and Badluck Jonathan:

The US in conjunction with a host of non-governmental organisations operating in Zimbabwe has been very vocal in criticising Zimbabwe’s election management system.

Despite Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede’s insistence that the country’s voters roll is clean, the US and its allies always claim that there are 100 000 dead people on it.

Political analyst Professor Jonathan Moyo said: “The US Government which always wants to play a big brother role over Zimbabwe’s voters roll has been caught with its dirty pants down.”

He said the revelations exposed the US and people now know that the US does not walk its talk.

“We are waiting with keen interest to hear what Ambassador Charles Ray, his local media and non-governmental mouthpieces will say given that America is due to hold general elections in November.”

Prof Moyo said the figures released in the study were far below the exact number of ghost voters on the US voters roll.
He said the figures were ample evidence that the US does not practise what it preaches to the world. Every country with a paper-based voters roll, he said, was bound to have problems.

Two things to take away here; Jonathan Moyo knows the “exact” number of ghost voters on the US voters’ roll, and he’s apparently seen America’s “dirty pants”.

I think there’s one difference between our roll and theirs, Badluck Jonathan.

Their dead voters don’t vote.