I’m not calling you an idiot, but …

So I just did a breakfast run down to OK Fife Avenue, and I saw the brightest silver-gray tinted-windows shiny-chrome-wheels BMW X5 I have ever seen.

I mean, this thing was awesome; parked outside the 6th Street entrance, as I came out with my sorry excuse for a salad* and (rather tepid) Cascade. But when I walked past this shining awesome example of vehicular awesomeness, I saw the most awesomely un-awesome thing ever!

The personalised license plates said … X5.

Really. Is that all you got? Ya couldn’t come up with something more … more than X5? Really?

You people make this waaaaay too easy..

* Yes, I said salad. It was coleslaw, I wasn’t ready to wrestle with a pig’s foot so early in the morning

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  1. Cascade – yuk.

    Here’s one for you TGBTG 35 – seen on the streets of Harare. AMDG – on the streets of Joburg (non Catholics only)

    In your X5 genre seen 750il on BMW, 3 – on mazda 3

  2. well first things first… LIVERPOOL RULES!!!!!!!!!

    ok then now back to the matter at hand.. i agree if u are gonna personalise and are too dense to think of anything ur name shld be enuff

  3. my favorite 2 plates ever:

    1) My friend’s father had a black Benz S 500 with dark tinted windows. Plate- NCOGNTO

    2) Some smoking hot blonde woman in a red Porche 911 convertible. Plate- WUZHIS

  4. Hie jb…somewhat loyal fan here…I always read your humorous and witty rants but never felt like commenting on anything (not because of lack of comments, just plain laziness) anyway today I just so happened to BUMP into that picture *spot the lunatic*. Is the guy on the front the lunatic or the guy behind him that seems to be feeling real sexy at the moment the lunatic?

    *yea I know…so off topic right?

  5. musa you just made my day.

    As the photographer of the photo in question, I’d like to claim that the debate is very much open on that front.

    Which one do you think is the loony?

  6. I saw a plate in Jhb with 4U2NV, i would have MANUTD, init Joe! lol! Damn, by the way hows Zwe, its been a while since i wanted to fight with him over a football game… we acted like peasants i tell you, peasants, tsk tsk tsk… Dude, when you comin to calgary

  7. Ehm, cough cough, not so sure who the lunatic is, but Alias will tell ya all about my cousin … cheers musa.

    PMS247 is a classic, just like X5 on an X5 lol! Mike you kill me.

  8. I find the whole concept of personalised plates rather naff and narcissistic. Silver tinted windows scream CHAV and TACKY. I ain’t good with cars but this X5 sounds like the mother of all Wankmobiles, so called because WANKERS drive those cars. Only wankers insist on offroaders in the city. The is no need. Unless one is needing it as an extension of their phallic region.

    PS: No offence to any wankmobile owners or ‘wank-mobile-wanna-ownone-rs.’ 🙂
    PPS: My ultimate car is a Hybrid Toyota Land Cruiser. I’m allowed coz I’m a chick.

  9. dhlaks i totally agree, although in this case i wen i look at the pic i always think its JB. he’s a nut.

  10. Wow Tara painting peeps Cheltenham Average – Chavs of the world unite. Guess who started the plate personalisation – ZIM 1.

    What I want to know will MRC – Morgan for your unknowing ones – be ZIM 2 or will he be like a gun without clothes and be ZIM 1 and 1/2.

    White boy in Porsche Cayenne – Nharo. Hey there is a girl who occassionally pops her head in who has a personalised plate – where is the biggest continent 1+1+1+2

  11. dude, i should get ZIM1 here in Calgary, but who the hell will “get it”??? suppose only the 6 or 7 Zimbabweans here in Alberta…

  12. Ok, so we’ll call them both lunatics…Anywaaaaaay…speaking of lunatics and idiots, I just got myself out of a ticket (like 10mins ago), and i don’t have a license…anyone want guess how i did that? oh jus to make it more interesting the officer was a woman!

  13. no jb it’s not a conspiracy…i jus cried…noone can resist, not even a female police officer can resist a foreigner crying in her language like the pope himself just died, at a major intersection. NOONE..so she let me go…and no i dont drive and x5, it was just an expedition, does that count?

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