Leave the gays alone

To all you people using your God to engage in what is essentially a legal argument (the pertinent question is about gay RIGHTS) you need to remember, Zimbabwe is not a Christian nation anymore than it is an Islamic nation or Hindu nation.

Zimbabwe is a secular republic, and therefore governed by laws. And once the state begins to legislate sexual activity, the loss of civil liberties begins.

Do you know that under the current laws, you can’t have anal sex with your wife? Because it’s sodomy. This is the same law that can be used against The Gays, even though their sexual preferences are protected from infringement in another Act.

So my question is this: if they start with the gays, who’s next? Because as adults it’s their choice, but if their choice is wrong to legislators, they’ll outlaw it. So who’s next? Muslims? What about Tongas. Maybe the Indians will get their turn. And I swear I’ve always mistrusted those polocrosse bastards.

So what then? All they want is to have equal protection under the law, and nobody else has the right to judge and manage someone else’s lifestyle. And anyone of you claiming that right be it on religious or otherwise grounds is WRONG.

Who are you to judge what grown folk do in their bedrooms?

As if your activities are any cleaner. LOL.

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  1. Ooh, I don’t know JB. As long as we have to say the lord’s prayer at assembly, we are a christian nation. Also, the anthem is very rather christian. Bet chapel’s still mandatory for boarders. And that hymn book. Finally, I reckon a good chunk of the laws are grounded in christian belief (and tradition and culture). So ‘secular’?! Not so much.

  2. Saying the prayer in school assembly doesn’t change it. The anthem is not a legal document. The laws may be informed by Judeo-Christian morality, but that’s not the point.

    Freedom from religion is specifically protected and the idea that Zimbabwe shall be governed by the Christian faith is explicitly left out.

    So yes, secular, explicitly and clearly written, and in so many words.

  3. im with you all the way;

    just gotta point out though, anal sex is what SOME gay men do. it does not define homosexuality and is not useful when referring to lesbians.

    im passionately against bigotry and all related forms of stupidity, ie racism, chauvinism, culturalism, homophobia and all sorts – so yeah – fuck everyone thats mouthing off at old tsvangson for wanting gay folk to get their rights on.

  4. If I as a consenting adult am allowed to smoke, drink, drive, vote, why then can I not decide who I want to make double-backed monsters with, without the fear of persecution and being ostracised? I have never understood kujamba-jamba kunoita the heterosexuals over the gays. Just let them be, that is all they are asking.

  5. and therein lies the problem our ability to keep a clear grasp of the issue at hand leaves much to be desired. The issue is not if who is secular, Christian or Muslim. The issue is we are democratic and in a democracy one’s motivation for wanting or not wanting certain things is not the issue simply that he or she has a position. Therefore if the majority of Zimbabweans want their bedrooms legislated then so be it, be is right or wrong whatever your moral inclination may be!

  6. That’s IF the majority of Zimbabweans who attended the constitutional outreach meetings do want their bedrooms legislated.

    Because the FACT is: you have NO WAY of knowing that, as nothing of that nature has been released.

    So don’t make assumptions that everyone is bigoted and narrow-minded 🙂

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