Livin la vida loca

Went down the Scud last night and had a few beers with me mates. Somewhere around the 7th dorp, someone passed me an invite to La Dolce Vita (yes, the restaurant at Avondale). Now, I haven’t had much time for the place, but I went along to have a look-see.

feck me gently! Walked in there, and the place was hopping with some of that old-skool flavour. Damn, it was like walking through a time machine, all those lovely soul/rnb rhythms from the 90s.
So we partied, although it ended up turning into just “another” club, you know when the usuals start streaming in, and the music changes to run-of-the-mill shit, hip-hop/pop/bullshit with a sprinkling of house/kwaito thrown in. Ordinary.

So went to Stars for a bit, had a beer, then of course visited Tipp’s around 4am for a couple of wind-down beers. All in all, a pretty rocking Friday night. Lovely.

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