Man strips naked in front of GM

Onwell Chipomho went to collect his salary from his female General Manager, knowing full well that everyone had an increment. When he got his pay packet, there was no increment. Chaos ensued.

Chipomho allegedly started shouting on top of his voice whilst hitting [Naomi] Munyaradzi’s desk.

In fear of Chipomho’s actions, Munyaradzi stood in a bid to distance herself from the angry Chipomho …

… He went on to strip to his birthday suit … He was then arrested for public indecency.

“You don’t have my money? You call this payment? Well, enjoy paying me in kind, cocksucker! Pelvic THRUST.”

Good old conflict resolution – such a many-splendoured thing.

5 Replies to “Man strips naked in front of GM”

  1. Brilliant! I love the clunky writing style too – “he went on to strip to his birthday suit” – fantastic. They could have just said, he stripped ar*e nekkid!!!!

  2. HMetro rocks, I especially love the ‘Social scene’, got all the small houses and the players glancing around furtively and on best behavior.

    Mind you, i would love to know why this dude didn’t get a ‘raise’….. he he… geddit, a ‘raise’!

  3. ‘HMetro is the paper’. No kidding! Was horrified to click to one of the other stories and be confronted by a very graphic image. I was in the office. IT’S OPEN PLAN! I can’t bring myself to explore further for some more clunky wonderfulness. I definitely ain’t touching the social scene section.

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