New Adventures in Wonderland

Life’s good.

It’s like when you think it’s all gone to shit, just when everything seems to be collapsing and the walls are crumbling around your ears, you look around and realise that, well, things can get better.

It’s like how when you’re down, you finally realise who your true friends are; you see the difference between those who ask stupid questions and those who genuinely seek to help a nigger out.

It’s having someone who, no matter what’s happened or how broke you are, is always there to offer a kind word, a long squeezy hug and to throw a dog the occasional bone.

It’s being so low that you lose all expectations and pressures, and you finally survey the landscape unblinkered and see your life, your work, your people and your things for what they really are.

It’s appreciating the finer details without losing sight of the big picture.

It’s playing tennis in the rain or eating cheesy pasta or chibage or guavas or simply kissing the one you love.

It’s … Liverpool.

15 Replies to “New Adventures in Wonderland”

  1. Speaking of the bigger picture, I haven’t checked myself, but does this mean that Liver-whatever is now top of the league? Has ManU played the same number of games as Liverpool (that’s the one) yet? Honestly, what are the odds that ManU will loose the title? The league cup is ours.

    However, I am happy to pretend to be happy for the poor mugs (read: fuckers) who insist on supporting Liverpool. Well Done! You’ve had a good, even impressive, week.

  2. Ooooh, I smell a sore loser there. It’s amazing – my last line was going to be something witty and pithy and funny (as usual) but no, I changed it to this one.

    I love how much bile it’s raising in you, the venom coming from you ManUre fans. Fun fact: you make it totally worth it!

  3. oh and Liverpool have had one hell of a week.

    Too bad they’re still shite and won’t win a damn thing this year.

    Yeah I said it. Fair play for spanking Mardid and the Mancs though.

  4. see you in the CL biatch. I haven’t forgotten that night at the Scud when you stole our hubcaps and our victory with dodgy Babel dive with a minute to go. Payback is a mofo.

    But in all seriousness what’s with you yo yo of a life? what is causing these rapid ups and downs? or is that not gate material?


  5. Yeah, top four! Better watch your backs Number3.

    And for the record, I ain’t bovvered. Nor am I worried. The cup is in the bag (for ManU that is). I’ll probably just start celebrating right now!

  6. Oh yes, the delusional Arsenal fan: we shall win something (anything). See you in the CL. LOL

    As for my ups and downs, most is lived out here but you must understand some of the shit is not for … public consumption. Besides, if this became a whine-fest you’d all get bored, and be out of here faster than you can say buffet.

    Tara, go ahead and celebrate. Go ahead, I dare you.

  7. I love the smell of hubris in the morning….

    Revenge is a dish best served with a side of rice.

  8. Whats the CL?…lol…

    Beezy im impressed by your persistence despite all this hateration. We need you in parliament!

    Go Ruurds!

    Go Rush! Go Barnes! Go Bruce…hmmm what decade are we in?

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