Rustygate goes global

My peeps in Zimbabwe may have noticed a slight drop in speed when browsing from this morning.

This is because I’ve moved the site hosting to the UK, for a couple of reasons. Having looked at the statistics, and considering the number of visitors over the past year, I’ve had to weigh the costs and benefits of hosting the site here at home.

The vast majority of my visitors are from abroad, so for convenience and cost purposes, it makes more sense to have the site on a more globally accessible platform.

For those at home, the browsing speed shouldn’t degrade all that much, so all-round everything should be alright.

Any problems, queries or comments, lemme know in the comments below.

Otherwise, just get back to browsing porn.

4 Replies to “Rustygate goes global”

  1. Its always taken me forever to log on to this site – on broadband.
    Now its all good. Funny coz Im just across the border and the UK is across the Atlantic.

  2. Where you are is only important in relation to the route you take around the internet.

    You’re probably going through one of the international providers, like skyvision or sprint, so you go to UK/US first then to the site you want to access.

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