On Sex Tapes

Let’s get this out of the way – I love porn.

As a true liberal, I reckon what consenting adults do in the comfort of their own privacy, including the production and consumption of erotic content, is their business.

Look, people take sexy photo and video all the time. Naughty videos are becoming pretty common – many more couples are making their own tapes due to the availability of cameras and smartphones.

This is normal, healthy, adult sexual behaviour. And it is (usually) for private viewing, not for public consumption.

That’s why I always find it disconcerting whenever a celebrity sex tape “leaks”, because I can almost do a 3-2-1 countdown to when the slut-shaming begins.

Now, I’m not talking about the jokes; as with every current “news” item (I won’t go into how sextapes aren’t news, that’s another day) there will be satire, and holes will be poked, jokes will be made. It’s a part of life, but when a sextape comes out, it brings a whole new meaning to “public figure”.

No, I’m talking about the inevitable high-horse, moralistic, self-righteous slut-shaming that comes with this kind of thing. Oh she’s a little slut. Was she even married? That’s what happens to whores. She deserves it, woman of loose morals. She’ll burn in hell, the shameless harlot. Kahure.

Never mind the fact that the tape is made for private consumption by consenting adults (who are usually in an exclusive relationship).

Never mind that the woman isn’t the only one in the actual tape, and the man almost never catches any of the moral outrage. Indeed, he’s usually fetishised to the point of hero-worship, whilst the woman is the culprit, the whore, the slutbag.

My point is simple – anyone making moral judgements should take a moment, behave like an adult, calm the feck down, and consider this.

How would you feel if your private sexual behaviour came to light? How would you feel if your business was aired for the world to see, critique, analyse and distribute?

Just think about that for a second. 

One more. Okay? Good.

Carry on.

14 Replies to “On Sex Tapes”

  1. Right on! These were adults and no one has the right to judge, there is far worse going on even by the so called righteous of this country. We wont go into detail but Tino Katsande and Pokello are saints compared to the self righteous scum that is walking heads high right now

  2. Like I said, I can understand the need to crack jokes. Hell, I may even be found making a joke or two myself, being “current affairs”.

    But to then be judgemental and all high and mighty, yet that’s coming from actual small-houses or guys with 5 girlfriends?


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