Thank you, boo

Life can be hard. We all know that. Our problems are different, everybody’s got their own shit going on.

The one thing we all have in common is that every so often, we all need someone, anyone, to hold our hand and tell us it’s going to be alright. We all need someone to count on, that one person who will call you to find out how your day’s going, and tell you it’s gonna be fine.

Whether you hate your job, it’s trouble at home (or with your home), whether your car’s gone to shit and you need a lift (or a loaner car), it’s great to have people to count on. When people you trusted to be there for you aren’t answering your phone, and others don’t come through and leave you in the lurch, and instead of help you just need support … that’s when they’re there for you.

I might not be on cloud nine right now, and I know I’m a difficult cunt to deal with, but I am lucky to have one person I can call, someone who’s been there for me and can make me smile even when shit has hit the fan.

Thank you, baby. You’re the shit.

7 Replies to “Thank you, boo”

  1. Wh…???!!! I could have sworn I made a ‘ sentimental much?’ comment yesterday. Probably one of those times when I think of doing something, and my memory thinks I actually followed through. Ho hum.

  2. Wh…???!!! You have one of those? I hate to think we been missing out on some really juicy bits that didn’t make it through. Also, looking back, I’m surprised at the kind of bitchiness that did make it.

    Anyhoo, that missed deadline must’ve been rough.

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