11 Replies to “Thank you, Tim Roth”

  1. In a fight between Jane and Lightman, the latter would have his ass handed to him. But you know who would kick both their asses? Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, that’s who! 🙂

  2. need to watch more tv in my next lifetime. or have rich parents or loads of dough or time or something so i can indulge … life is a cute bitch.

  3. Lightman is emotional about everything and particularly his daughter. Jane is emotional about Red Jane both okes have their Kryptonite. I think I would also add the Lightman and chicks.

    Brenda Lee is brilliant but she needs her foil Fritzy to keep her in check but also remember she has a massive squad.

  4. Brenda Leigh is multi-dimensional. All Jane is is Red John and Lightman is about noticing (might I add ‘blatantly obvious’ – the show treats us all like morons) facial expressions and his mother. But with Brenda, you have her past with Pope, her domestics with Fritzy, her family, her diabetes and affinity for sweets and many more, in addition to her impeccable super powers of confession extraction. Brenda Leigh rocks!

  5. ok, just watched first season of ‘Lie To Me’ (yes, i know).

    gotta say, yes, Lightman is the shit, but we could have done with a little less, actually a lot less moron-treating what Tara sed.

    but shit, the dude is hot shit. and that protege chick can have me ANYDAY 😛

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