The Weakest Link Zimbabwe

One of my favourite TV shows of all time, The Weakest Link, ended for good earlier this year.

I’ve always loved Anne Robinson; the way she totally burns the contestants and puts them down when they get out of hand.

I only wish she’s had a chance to come to Zimbabwe, though. Not just because I’d have won the whole thing (Mouse will testify) – I’d love to hear some of the shit she’d have to say.

I can just imagine it.

Who thinks “Chicken Inn” is a hotel for cowards?

Who thinks “Wankie” was a prison for sexual deviants?

Who thinks “Borrowdale” is a micro-finance company?

Who thinks “The Standard” is their slutty sister’s nickname?

Who thinks “Victoria 22” is a Masvingo rugby team?

Who thinks “Different Strokes” is a biography of Kirsty Coventry ?

… and finally …

Who thinks a “Rusty Gate” is an unwashed baby’s bottom?

Voting over – time to reveal who you THINK is The Weakest Link!

At least what’s on DStv is still a few seasons behind (that’s a statement I never thought I’d make, honestly).

You’re all the weakest links.


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