This is ridonkulous

Kuyt - surprising

For those feeling overwhelmed by the Liverpool-ness of my site these days, I make no apologies. All I’ll say is the boys are in wicked form, and I’m loving it.

Liverpool 5 – 0 Aston Villa

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  1. And with ManUre falling 2-0 to Fulham and Chelski losing to Tottenham, the roses out there smell even sweeter. Things just got interesting. Hopefully Aston Villa can find some form again for their upcoming ManUre fixture and force them to drop more points.

  2. Dunno about Villa, I just hope we can keep up the pressure on ManUre without getting TOO distracted by all that Champions’ League business … at least it’s interesting again.

  3. My friend at work has a conspiracy theory about ManUre’s recent dip in form, he claims that it’s a plot by Sky to keep the punters watching so that numbers don’t drop off too soon before the end of the season. He is of course a ManUre supporter.

  4. Love it…Benitez has certainly got under Fergie’s skin judging by comments over the last week!!

  5. J Beezy – I hope you have nothing to do with the linking thing on the rhs of this page that just tried to con me out of R10, coz if you do, i shall clutch nuts for Alex to win the rest of his matches πŸ™‚

    Its not just small print anymore, now its small AND faint, barely visible print.

  6. Yep, third column, but below the box with the google ads.
    There WAS this flashing thing that asks you to link names to corresponding teams or artists to their songs ; then right at the bottom, in faint, tiny writing it says R10/day!

    Dont see it now, it must have figured im onto it.

    As you can see i got time on my hands this morning… πŸ™‚

    p.s. GO RUUUUURDS!!!

  7. My folk there tell me that is very true… from the stock market, to physical assets to stuff in the shops…

    Beezy, you had a thread where we predicted this about a month or so ago, neh?

    I would also predict Zim has/shall have the cheapest late-model cars anywhere on earth. All the printed dollars were used to buy fancy cars (typical bling Zimbos and their conception of what an asset is) over a number of years and now the country is stuck with a high asset value of cars not represented by printed $US. The car market is/shall adjust to the amount of liquid cash available to purchase cars and we shall be getting nifty rides for peanuts.

  8. I have been avoiding this site for while as I have been trying to avoid unnecessary contact with the scouse scum. I knew JB would be splashing picture of red wankers all over the site. I half expected that JB might even have changed his color scheme to Red.

    But i’m not going to be a sore loser. Well done to the Reds. You managed to beat 10-man united. A feat only equaled this season by the mighty Fulham. Then gainst all odds you proceeded to beat Aston Villa. Which is no mean feat considereing they were only on a 7 game winless run. But somehow you still managed to overcome them

    Obviously your consistency will carry you through to win the league. After all you guys were top of the leage for 6 weeks from December to January. It had to take three consecutive draws against the big-guns Everton, Wigan and Stoke to knock you off your perch. And ofcoures if hadnt subsequently lost to Master tactian’s Midlesbrough you might never had fallen to third. So you have come a long way and shown remarable consistency. From leading the league to falling 7 point behind and reducing that deficit to just 1 point.

    So with only 8 games to go i’m sure the consistency you have shown will take u right to the top. You will never walk alone…

  9. Thank you Anon. Finally someone sensible (re: Liverpool). I still ain’t worried. Man U will show ’em what’s what. Their heads’ll be spinning.

  10. Oh please, for someone with such utter disdain for the “scouse scum” you’re pretty well versed on our team.

    And I can only larf at how pathetic it is to unleash such a diatribe under the guise of anonymity, don’t you have the courage of your convictions?

    Or is coming up with a nickname THAT difficult. Or we’re just not that imaginative?


  11. “Oh please, for someone with such utter disdain for the β€œscouse scum” you’re pretty well versed on our team.”

    Heh! Round One to JB for applying a cricket move to a blog post! πŸ™‚

    Anon, your fiery 150kph bouncer has been deftly deflected by a slight flick of the wrist all the way to the boundary. πŸ™

    Lesson – dont post when emotional and review your post thoroughly from all perspectives to avoid being bitch-slapped…

  12. “I’m ALL emotion, baby! Wooooot!”
    Mos Native needs to get of JBs dick. see how you gettin him all excited

  13. Anonymous, at least JB has a dick to suck on, you are probably just a vagina with the darkie version of a mullet. (working on the assumption that you are black)

  14. @Anony mouse

    “I have been avoiding this site…”

    Dont change a winning formula…. now piss off; you’ve had your 15 minutes.

    p.s. and why do you have JBs dick on your mind? Your identity may be anonymouse but still, please, keep some things to yourself.

  15. lol iwe Mos Native, don’t put my surname on anonymity, calling him anony mouse …people will think i’m related to him!

  16. anonymity…lol…

    @MM – my buurd! besides, dude sounds more rat than mouse…

    @BD – little virtual shit-stirrers like anonyrat rub me up the wrong way…

  17. *waves red flag…

    it was actually white to begin with but I thot to go with Red to acknowledge Liverpool’s good run ( its nothing do with this being Mos Natives’s time of the month, honest)

  18. First another man’s dick now menstrual cycles…dude???
    WTF…Now IM the one waving the red flag!

    …gender-confused cyber-rat….

  19. Is this Anonymous the regular? Or is this a new guy? Because I’m sure the regular never used to be so hostile. What gives Anon?! πŸ™

  20. Hostility I can understand – there a lot of spineless cyber-dweebs who vent out on any forum.
    What I dont understand is the constant homo/sex references?

    Every post has either had wanker, JB dick, JB bitch, MENSTRUATION (now that last one…?)…

    Im suspecting,
    Anonyrat = frustrated closet shemale with a crush on JB.

    He/she/it needs help – lets all be kind and he/she/it may just go away.

  21. Okay, funny as it was for a bit, you’re out of line now, Mos Native. Far be it for me to censor anyone’s comments, but I’m sure you can find better avenues to flame someone.

    A little dissing is fine with me, even fun! But it’s gone too far now, so …

    … Mos Native … *slap*

  22. the hostility is directed at me. prolly somethin to do with remaining anonymouse. just ask the Shona-blog suggesting dude how hostile Rustygatians can be

  23. dude re: the homo references , your response to my first comment was cheerin on JB like you was his lil bitch. You had nothing football related to respond to a football comment on a fotball thread.

    i’m not here to pick a fight with anyone. In the words of the almighty JB a “little dissing is fine” but “its run its course”

    So i wave a WHITE flag and extend a hand of friendship to my fellow Rustygatian, Most Native. And next time i will rub u up the RIGHT way… if you show me how πŸ™‚

  24. @ Anonymous – All’s good that ends well… friendship right back at you πŸ™‚

    @JB – no more flames…

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