Lord Ferg and the Glazerfans: I apologise

This is to clarify a very important point. Because, I assume, of recent comments and posts on this website, some people are beginning to think I am heavily biased against ManUre. Oops sorry, Manchester United.

Well, I am. For all the crowing, crooning and preening we were subjected to by their fans over the past 5 years, for all the self-satisfied photos of Lord Ferg, all the smug mugs in the Scud and Nanny thinking their team is the shit……for all these years of pain and suffering inflicted on the rest of the football world by the Red Devils and their fans – it’s payback time!

But, I take feedback with a positive outlook, so I will, from now on, restrict my comments on the decline of your club. I have loved every minute of it, but at risk of alienating you (misguided) ManUre fans, so I officially apologise.

I’ll play nice from now on.

6 Replies to “Lord Ferg and the Glazerfans: I apologise”

  1. Strange how you moan abt Liverpool when they lose and mock Man Utd when we lose… yep its time to play fair boy…

  2. Wow, strange Joe, I never thought I would hear you apologise for anything. In my memory I have not heard you apologise to anyone, let alone me!

    We must have grown up, so that does this mean you will be going around apologising to everyone you have messed with? Let me know so I can be ready

  3. Imagine: I Joe Black would like to apologise for all the years of pain and suffering I have inflicted to all those I messed with. 🙂 Hehehe

  4. Sorry Andy I don’t think J would be happy with me airing our dirty laundry in public – but I have a lot of it trust me.

    Isnt this the ultimate nightmare J, an ex-gf with a license to kill tellin the world your secrets. I bet you would remove my comments hon.

  5. Uhm, Tinotenda, you know we gots no beef shamwari 😉
    Alright, if that’s how it’s gonna be, I don’t think I’d delete your comments unless they were really way out.

    Before you do, hausikuda kumbo softwa-softwa here? Ndinokufonera here?

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