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  1. Even from the stills, Obama’s dancing makes me cringe. I swear he even snaps his fingers and claps his hands. Michelle, however, looks like she managed to put in sometime on the dance floor before becoming the woman behind the man.

  2. the headline reads Obamas juggle inaugural balls.

    JUGGLE inaugural BALLS. That headline was on cnn.com for about an hour before someone higher-up noticed and removed it.

  3. Tara’s irony/sense of ridiculous/innuendo hat is in at the dry cleaners. I think these people do these tongue-in-cheek items just to get a rise out of people. LOL.

  4. Oh! 🙂 Should have floated my cursor over the pic. Turnsout out I have been missing a lot of those hidden messages in JB’s pictures. Thanks Anonymous and Eleanor.

    I still think Obama can’t dance though.

  5. Tara, not all darkies are born able to dance. You do realise that is just a stereotype right? LOL. Or it could just be the white blood coming through, that age-old inability to stick to a rhythm.

  6. I hate to be controversial, but a good number of stereotypes tend to be inescapable. Does anyone actually know when a pattern or trend or tendency crosses over to the stereotype side of the spectrum? And is ‘stereotypes’ really a bad concept if people make sure to distinguish between the bad stereotypes (black people and gangs) from the neutral or positive (black people can dance)? Coz I bet most associate the worst when the word ‘stereotypes’ comes up. I’m just saying.

  7. Obama’s swagger was stifled right from the start. From growing up with white GRAND parents in Hawaii, living in Indonesia, then harvard law school, the hood in him never got a chance to come out and play. Im also just saying…lol…

  8. Sorry to sidetrack a bit, but going through those images, it struck me that i guessed correctly as each came on, which part of the world the scene was captured. There are serious disparities in living standards from US to Mexico to Afghanistan to Iraq etc…

    Back to the gwan, this brotha is stiff as a pole!!! For Michelle’s sake we hope that rigidity is confined to the dance floor…:-)

  9. “Back to the gwan, this brotha is stiff as a pole!!! For Michelle’s sake we hope that rigidity is confined to the dance floor…:-)”

    Surely, rigidity is a plus in other areas … surely?

  10. Stiffness of the pole, :-). Rigidity of the back, (particularly while the pole is stiff), HELL NO:-(!!!

  11. B-Daddy, you know an update on Zim ain’t worth shit. The second you put pen to paper, the update is already out of date. Something else has already happened (e.g. the 20 zeroes have been slashed to 2 which have just had 30 more added) or whatever happened is really of no consequence (e.g. the result of the regional summit today – you know nothing will come out of that). All people are waiting on is that final update when things have been fixed. And for that, it will be a while.

    On the summit front, is there anything else left after the summit fails. Any other meetings/panels that could make a difference? Are all those Optimists still as Optimistic?

  12. According to an MDC spokesman, the meeting is basically dead in the h2o. Bob’s not listening to anyone, and they’re trying to sideline MT.

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