Wedding season arrives…

Ever noticed how many single women there at weddings? I mean, it’s like they call some sort of rally on wedding days, where they show off their cutest dresses and pose…for more than just the cameras!

The funny thing is, these flowers do their best to appear attached, maybe it’s some sort of lonely woman’s status thing when someone else is getting hitched, but once they spot, or are spotted by a prospective suitor, suddenly they’re all cutesy and single again!

What is it about women that makes them so desperate and ‘open’ at weddings?

5 Replies to “Wedding season arrives…”

  1. open season really. we all know that the smug marrieds will have some single friends, and it’s an opportunity to hunt for fresh meat. even if nothing comes of it eventually, the adrenaline rush is worth something.

  2. Joe – Jigga we should re-enact the Wedding crasher Zimbo Style tichi climba vana vevanhu. If you know what i mean

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