Why I mock religion

I have caught loads of flak over my last post [Judgement Declined], where I basically refused to accept the moral judgement of any worshipper, their religion or their god.

In both my Facebook inbox and via Twitter DM, friends and strangers are wondering where I get the balls, the authority and the right to reject their beliefs. LOL.

This is why I mock religion. My offense, in rejecting their god, is less a thought crime than a personal insult to each one of them. As if their beliefs are absolute, and anyone at variance is an affront to the natural order of things.

As if I’d ever stop mocking religion, or take a pause from ridiculing their nonsensical theologies at every turn.

Ridicule from me is a form of emotional appeal, in the hope that it can cause someone to feel silly for holding a certain idea, and maybe provoking them to validate their idea by researching it.

The problem is that people identify with their ideas. They take an attack on their idea as an attack on them, so ridicule almost inevitably ends in people feeling personally offended.

As if they’re the important one in the god-follower dynamic.

Presumably, if there was an omnipotent, omniscient deity that objected to such mockery, some good old fashioned Old Testament-style smiting would be forthcoming.

I’m happy to report that, for now, I remain as yet unsmitten.

Anyway. Of course people whine that their cherished beliefs should be treated as special, but we should ask ourselves whether we should continue to treat these destructive remnants of our primitive cultures as somehow exempt from modern morality and thought.

Besides which, they are funny. I mean, a talking snake, a magic fruit and an angry giant?


15 Replies to “Why I mock religion”

  1. who can forget the chick who had a seed planted in her without any human intervention?

  2. i can only speak for myself when i say that any man who does not believe in a greater power than himself is lost.

    Having said that, while i do believe in God, i will admit that i am no fan of religion.

    Because i think the bible bashes and holy rollies have essentially got it wrong right from the get go… how you ask, by giving God human emotions, by using God as an excuse not to take responsibility for their own lives.

    1. Religion is bs; but I will afford every human the right to their beliefs. As a secularist, I will allow people to spiel any racism, homophobia or bile because I believe in freedom of speech. I however do not adhere or condone to any forms of bigotry, religious or otherwise in a modern state, and believe that the justice system should be the ultimate authority in the land not this Moses stuff these preachers churn out. The fact that this anachronistic ideology is placed on a pedestal and is exempt from critique illicit great umbrage within me. The fact that some religious ignoramuses deny children access to ARVs because ‘prayers work’ is tantamount to child abuse. The fact that people peddle homophobia because some white man with a white beard in a bloody book says so does my nut in.

      Finally; the curtain call. Anyone stupid enough to believe that another human being is ‘anointed’ deserves to get their head examined. Our leaders are ‘anointed’ therefore we can’t make them accountable. The word ‘anoint’ should be expunged from Zimbabwean life. It’s a cancer, a cop out. Anyone stupid enough to give another human being money for blessings deserves to get fleeced and to get their wife fucked. There I said it!

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