A day for chopping and changing

Today shall be one to remember for me, what with all the changes happening in my life, and all around me, particularly in the world of sport.

Today, I will voluntarily join the 80% of our populace who are unemployed. Many have questioned the wisdom of my decision, but I will stand by it and, if all goes to plan, everything will be alright. Just stay tuned for further updates.

On an even sadder note, George Best, one of the greatest footballers to have ever lived, and a dude whose lifestyle is the stuff of legend, is expected to die today. That George Best, a man who once chased down Johan Cruyff just to give him a deya, is dying from hte ravages of alcohol abuse can only be a lesson to the rest of us!

And, on a more personal note, the news of Tatenda Taibu’s resignation as Zimbabwe cricket captain, and from Zim cricket entirely, can only be met with trepidation by a board who, only a while ago, were trumpeting him as the future of a national sport abandoned by greedy and unpatriotic whites. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

What a day….

8 Replies to “A day for chopping and changing”

  1. We trust you made the right decsion – good luck and jus keep rustygate running ;). And Taibu – thats a man listened to his wife and did the right thing. And by the way the site looks much better – Thanks for removing that Carlsberg sh*t

  2. Yeah, just refreshing to make a change once in a while, and I know you ManUres couldn’t stand it. So I went for something a little less…divisive 🙂

    Well, at least there’s one man who listens to his wife, but give him time he’s only 21! He’ll learn…

  3. Yeah can’t believe he is ssupy whipped, even though he has made the right decesion. Venturing into new things Joe?? Good luck on what ever it is..

  4. There’s a lot to be said for entrepneurship (my big word of the day!!!). I won’t even wish you luck, coz we all know you are made of stern stuff and you will prosper. So may you have the touch of Midas, and may all you touch turn into gold which can be turned into forex without you being arrested for it by our overzealous ZRP crooksters and mobsters. Don’t forget us when you are in your Lex 4×4 when the rest of us lil people are waiting for the zhupco buses to come around.

  5. Dude, I trust you will be soon up & running in your adventures. For the record selling porn is still illegal in zim so you cant do that.
    keep it real sonny

  6. Selling porn is illegal? Oops….

    Anyway, thanks for your support guys. Trev, what u doin at work? Doesn’t mean you’ll get a bonus, good chap 🙂

  7. Hey Joe,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve left. Keep well and thanks for all your help.
    Mike Scott

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