Can a man and woman really be friends?

Well, since you guys seem to have all these answers for these social issues let me drop in with something which caused a huge fight with my man the other day.

When I met my man I had been single for sometime and being a single chick I had managed to make friends with a number of guys. So when I started hanging out with my dude it so happened we were meeting all these guys who were my genuine friends and I would say hie and sometimes hug the close ones ? and as you might have guessed this did not go down with my dude. It was a major issue with him.

The thing is I have more male friends than female friends for various reasons the main ones being that us chicks know how to back-stab each other, hate on each other and are often not honest with how we truly feel about each other. So over the years I have accumulated more male friends: some of whom I am really close to. I mean, it is possible for both sexes to have friends of the opposite sex right?

Now my dude’s issue is that all my male friends are probably only after my booty and are not really friends. He says men have this ego thing and whenever they see that you have a dude that?s when they will be probably start asking you out ? he says male friends who’d rather have you around them and single. And the funniest of them all he says why should a man have a female friend hanzi “munotamba chii?.

Well I find it amazing ? is it because my dude is not confident, ?lacks game? or he has a point: all men who hang around you want to get into your pants?maone.

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  1. That’s a very narrow-minded way to look at it Andy….don’t you have any female friends?

    Anyway, I think it’s entirely possible for a man and woman to be mates. But, from experience, this is really dangerous if the friendship goes beyond the bounds.

    E.g. it’s impossible to consider someone of the opposite sex a “best” friend. There must be a law against that shit, because, in truth, munokwirana!

    Look, as long as it’s a normal friendship it’s cool. But if it’s a bit too close, or there are too many of these “friends”…..problem!

  2. There’s nothing more dangerous to a relationship than male friends. Trust me, guys know each other and if he says they wanna bone, it’s probably true!

    Just be aware of your friends’ motives shortie, they can’t all be entirely trustworthy. Besides, you have to consider also how important your man is to you.

    Are your ‘friends’ worth losing your man over? In this situation I would not trust them.

  3. Hakuna zvakadaro sister, these socalled male friends varikuda one thing chete, wake up to the fact

  4. JB… these so called friends try and act as the ideal dudes and your woman will always complain to these guys when you do smthg wrng… these guys become the crying shoulder – and act as if they Mr Perfects- like “yah how cld he do that to you”. I know because YES JB I hve woman frenz and beilieve me you can play on your friends emotional side and win her over frm friend to lover. So to safe guard your chicks guys KEEP HER AWAY FROM THESE SO CALLED FRIENDS – vaikudawo kudya

  5. Yes! One thing on your minds. Going to bed now, I have no friends hehe but at least I have a loving man…

  6. Showoff! Anyway you know where I stand on this Joe – friends are friends, as long as they’re not taking up your time and it’s not affecting our relationship whats wrong with me hanging out with friends, male or female?

    Come on guys, don’t be so insecure, not every guy is trying to seduce your woman. Besides, we don’t all make a habit of crying on other guys shoulders, any woman who does that is an IDIOT because we all know varume…

  7. Tino, don’t tell me you actually came to work today! Shocking!

    Anyway, if you know they want to bone you, why do you hang out with them? nyoka inyoka

  8. If you must know, I took a long weekend in Bloem, and i was staying with one of my MALE FRIENDS!!

    Take that!

  9. I have male friends but my man has nno problems with them, he’s actually very secure and in fact has come to be friends with most of them

  10. Joe, you’re such a broke-ass you you couldn’t put a ring on anyone’s finger if they stuck it in your face and said please!

  11. Handizi nyoka. Anyway, how close are these male friends we are discussing? Because if they are ddrinking buddies, handitombodi because booze……

    Never let your woman go “out” with male friends…

  12. Having been friends with a very good female friend for over 10 years now & nothing has/ever been close to happening. Its all about boundaries, if I see her with her man I say word have a chat & leave them be. If they want us to hang the dude must invite me not her. Lets face it we all love power & to be in control and this is where the dilema comes in. How you can be in control when your shortie is with her “friend”hanging out & you are at golf for eg? The older you get the more you realise that frienships are not as simple as they were in the days of Vanilla Ice. The question is how much do you trust your wo/man?

  13. Hope this helps, you all know its true:

    1. Yes = No
    2. No = Yes
    3. Maybe = No
    4. We need = I want
    5. I am sorry = You’ll be sorry
    6. We need to talk = You’re in trouble
    7. Sure, go ahead = You better not
    8. Do what you want = You will pay for this later
    9. I am not upset = Of course, I am upset, you moron!
    10. You’re certainly attentive tonight = Is sex all you think about?

    1. I am hungry = I am hungry
    2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy
    3. I am tired = I am tired
    4. Nice dress = Nice cleavage!
    5. I love you = Let’s have sex now
    6. I am bored = Do you want to have sex?
    7. May I have this dance? = I’d like to have sex with you.
    8. Can I call you sometime? = I’d like to have sex with you.
    9. Do you want to go to a movie? = I’d like to have sex with you.
    10. Can I take you out to dinner? I’d like to have sex with you.
    11. I don’t think those shoes go with that outfit = I’m gay.

  14. apart from the the 1st three everything a male friend does for you say’s for you or the way he looks at you is all connected to sex. When he tell’s you a joke about sex he is talking about you and him.

  15. True dat… woman shld just know that even if you are friends with a guy – the day you lead him on he will pounce on you

  16. who you? Like any of us would not accidentally slot our manhood into that fine ass lady given half the chance. Once the snall head starts thinking the head big shuts all systems

  17. We’re afraid of being abused simply because we choose who we want to associate with.

    Murume is free to choose his own friends – I don’t audit who’s a thief, who’s a snake, who’s cheating on his wife or his taxes – they are HIS friends. I accept them as they are, as I accept HIM as he is.

    Who the hell is he, then, to tell me whom I choose to socially associate with? As long as I associate ROMANTICALLY with him and him only.

    Are you so insecure that you think every guy is a potential girl-snatcher? What about trusting me to have the good judgement of whom I’m friendly with?

    Suck on THAT lollipop for a while…

  18. Future decsions are based on experiences in the past. If in the past my madam dogged me with her friend” can you the trust any “friend” that I may meet in future.

    I believe (with evidence) that women are deadly in the art of deception and as such until proven wrong (which will never happen) there will always be that element of insecurity/mistrust or whatever fancy word you want to use.

  19. And the other way to look at it if you have or know guys who have dogged it with their female friends – easily like cutting butter with a hot knife

  20. Holla JoeBlack, wasssuuuuup! All this talk of lollies is making me hungry, grrrrr.

    So, all women are not trustworthy? Well you niggas are worse, cos 4 y’all a chance to slip it into a girl’s friends, your “girl” friends and any other sorta “girl” you can come across!

    Do we ever have problems with all y’all havin’ hoochie friends? Even though we you know you wanna hit that? nah, because we know y’all gonna trip.

    Cant we all just get along?

  21. Tana, dumb ass chick. The only reason why we end up having hoochie friends is because some idiot brought up words like monogamy & polygamy.. back in the days of our fore fathers hoochie friends would have been 2nd & 3rd wives etc.. The only true female friends I have are my missus’ friends that I would not even have dared look at in the street, but if the situation arose I would put that pillow over her head and tap that ass…

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