A Tale of Two Shitties

I am a drinking man.

We all know that. But with these new prices, it seems like I need to change my habits, or at least cut down in a major way.

But really, Kebab Centre, no fecking electricity? During the Bob Marley Commemoration weekend? I know, I know, you put the generator up so you could shift a few (curiously overpriced) beers, but come on! Surely you know someone at ZESA, it’s your biggest night of the year!!

Et tu, Book Cafe? SIX HUNDRED MILLION dollar cover charge? Granted, it’s only a couple of pints at the Scud (what the feck?) but come on guys, if I want some Transit Crew in my life I don’t wanna leave all my beer shillings at the door, for feck’s sakes.

And the Stormers fecking drew with the Waratahs. At home. I mean, seriously? Are you kidding me?

Anyway. I know Jah’ll never let us down.

9 Replies to “A Tale of Two Shitties”

  1. Is that what you were whining about, the price of booze…but prices are ridiculous for sho…but at this rate, what’s NOT ridiculous about this place *sigh*

  2. Would sir like a cheese platter to go with that whine? Teetotalling is good for the soul, it will also cut down on delinquent behaviours. On the down side, ugly birds wont get laid, coz you cant drink till she’s cute.

  3. Elle, you wouldn’t believe the price increases over the last week. It’s not just booze, it’s absolutely EVERYTHING that’s gone up over 100%.

    Vim you’re right, everything is ridiculous. And The Herald site got hacked.

  4. Stormers were lucky china, lucky to be where they are……..next weekend all eyes glued to the set!

  5. Complaints, complaints. All you seem to do is complain. Is there nothing to give thanks for?

  6. Oh there’s lots to give thanks for. Good friends, loving family. Loving friends 🙂

    I can give thanks for the perfect present I got the other day. And for having a lot of work on my hands.

    I got lots to give thanks for, actually.

  7. lol…mboko…cant remember wen last i heard that. tell me someone, who comes up with these words, this other language that is still our language but not quite?

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