All growed up

So, you might be curious about what I got up to over the holidays. And if you’re not, you’re screwed cos I’m gonna tell you anyway.

I did…mostly nothing, really. That’s right, nada. I, Mr Joy!Joy!Joy! himself, spent most of my holiday period sat in front of my laptop, either reading Steven King or writing confused (and confusing) newspaper articles. Don’t ask.

Okay, so it wan’t that sad; I did go home for a couple of days, had the cake, the rice and chicken, loads of Fanta and visited the neighbours. You know, all that holiday shit. Even found the time to burn some meat with friends, and I won’t deny that a few beers (and a stray bottle of wine) were consumed along the way.

And I have….(drumroll)…evidence! Here’s a Flickr stream of the second braai, which really was the highlight of the whole period. Fun and games at New Year, and it didn’t even involve strobe lights, shot glasses or strippers, and (to my eternal shame) no blushing virgins were deflowered along the way.

Who said Peter Pan never grew up?

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  1. Hi baby Moz was great it was hotter than hell though, love the pics but label em so we know who is what!

  2. Why, no pics of the actual barbecue? Where the meat at. For all we know it could have been a fish barbie or worse still, a vegetarian one. Sorry to hear about the lack of drama. Better luck next year.

  3. Oh, and by the way, to my horror, the Fanta up here is (deep breath), YELLOW. Very unnatural.

  4. HOLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joe did you get my email & pics? hello everybody else. where is that place with yellow Fanta? that is disgusting

  5. Ndimai vevana ava varikuti holler? Yeah Lisa, got your mail inga mainakidzwa.

    Galadriel, we don’t take pictures of the braai-stand, what do you think we are, amateurs??? 🙂

    Besides, if we show too much meat ZIMRA will start checking us out and asking for ‘remittance history’

  6. LisaLisa, truth be told, I think the rest of the whole world has yellow Fanta. I suspect that at some point someone confused yellow with orange and Zim ended up with the wrong colour. Somebody went and f*^ked up.

  7. Joe in a mood – thats nothing new. As of yellow fanta – dude have you ever heard of Fanta Pineapple – it happens to be yellow.

  8. Andy, Babe. I am talking Fanta orange flavour. It is YELLOW in the UK. And there aint no Fanta pineapple here. We have a lemon, fruit twist and a berry one. No pineapple.

  9. I wouldn’t drink yellow Fanta – even that pineapple shit looks too much like urine to me, hehe.

    Andy, how can I not be in that mood, nekunaka kwakaita vasikana vemuHarare? Pane mumwe akapfeka mapulling socks nhasi, mudhara?

  10. Seriously!!!! U think we like it when some random man off the street shows us shamelessly that they are imagining us with no clothes on whilst pleasuring him???? eeewww!!! come now Joe even u dont seriously believe thats a turn on.

  11. spoken like a true perv….. its always something the woman does to bring it on herself hey? Never the fact that the man may just be one big hormone!!!!

  12. But seriously, if you walk around with your tits out and a slit up to your arse, you’re going to get stared at! We like things! And you KNOW!

  13. Fact: the sexy silky stockings draw attention to the legs

    Fact: we like legs

    Fact: we perv said legs

    It doesn’t matter on what level or how hard you’re entrapping us, it is still entrapment!

  14. hah hah hah Joe don’t be such an idiot my darling!

    I would expect kuti at 28 u knew enough about women by now. or are you just as you usually creating havoc

  15. 27 and a half!!!!!! And believe me I know a lot about da ladies…I’m not claiming to know everything, but enough to get by, alright?

    Tino, if this is worth a new post, write it yourself and mail me 🙂

  16. And as the song goes “you can look but you can’t touch it. If you touch it I ‘ma start some drama, you don’t want no drama.”

  17. Easy tiger. Man, you are too easy. What i mean’t was it is okay to look but I dont wanna hear about it. I can’t stand the hooting and tooting or the lack of eye contact when talking to me. Whatever happened to subtleness. I know you eyeballing me like a piece of meat, but have the decency not to make it blatant. Pretend. God!!!

  18. When you walk through a storm,
    Hold your head up high,
    And don’t be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of a storm,
    There’s a golden sky,
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.
    Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain,
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown..

    Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
    And you’ll never walk alone…….
    You’ll never walk alone.

    Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
    And you’ll never walk alone…….
    You’ll never walk alone.

  19. Can I just teke this oportunity to commend Liverpool FC on, against all odds, whooping Chelsea butts all the way into next sunday. Tlk about carm. Lose a lot, Win a few. A message to all liverpool fans, milk all the joy you can from this victoy. The blue moon will not come for a while. Again, CONGRATULATIONS. 🙂

  20. well as we walk past chelsea and man u to premiership glory you will be reminded of those words as we plan to paint the town red as we hoist the trophy to the skies duriing our victory parade….

  21. Hey Black or anyothere . Where is the next story. Before you say i should come up with sumin, please note that i am not as literally blessed as you.

  22. what do u want to talk about…have any of you guys been following CBB (celebrity big brother UK)?

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