The dog ate my email. No, really.

In addition to all the problems we’ve had recently with our hosting, from database hiccups to funny DNS changes, our mail hasn’t been working either. For the past three weeks.

So if you sent mail to anything (at) rustygate dot org, chances are it’s disappeared into the black hole that is the Internets. Unless of course, you got a response saying…well…something.

I’ve been promised this is about to get resolved, so please resend your mail, and if you haven’t sent any, what the hell are you waiting for?

P.S. Since I haven’t had a chance to say so; Liverpool rock, ManUre suck, feck Jade Goody and what’s up with Chelsea?

23 Replies to “The dog ate my email. No, really.”

  1. for a second there i thought you were saying fuck Jade as in [redacted]. I swear, the world would certainly stop spinning if ever you felt that way.

  2. Chelsea Sucks, Liverpool Rocks and I can make a song to that effect. Let me rant on for a sec, why don’t you. To all the Teams that think they can come to Anfield and give us a butt-rogering, think again, never again, and never ever in the League. Maybe for some hoitty-toitty Cups… Aaaah, much be’er. What were we on about agian…

  3. Galadriel, please please, let us not go there. GRAW, it’s a name. What up Max, tell them son…

    Gees, my email is STILL not working. What the fuck?

  4. Come clean, she is the butter to your bread, the tick-tock to your clock, the strawberry to your cream.

  5. Black, I would have thought you would jump at the chance to talk about the apple in your eye. The one woman who has the power to make you monogomous. The one woman who has you wondering what it would be like to be in love. And last but not least if i may be so bold, the one woman you will never have. I am happy to debate this out with ya if you dare.

    G.R.A.W, where you from and where you at? I thought most peeps on this blog had some kind of history of some kind with Black. Don’t you speak shona.

  6. Galadriel, you sound like you’re gonna just go out and screech “One ring to rule them all…”

    I’m quite happy to discuss my sex life in public…but not my love life. You just keep to the mundane stuff.

  7. Galadriel i am black, but born in zambia and lived in zimbabwe but never came across that name before…i do understand the shona language but my vocab is limited to the everyday sayings such as “ndeipi” and uri bho…and a few others…

  8. Wow it sounds like Galadriel has some juice to spill. Come on girl you seem to know more about this than we do. Don’t be scared of him!

  9. Sorry Tino, the man has spoken. The Lady of the Forest shall now lay off Joe’s love life for the time being. Joe, Babe, I am sorry. I didn’t know that that was as raw a nerve as it is. Please forgive me. So tell us about your sex life then!!!! GRAW, nice to meet ya.

  10. Shaz if you knew these people, you would understand that talking about my woman will open me up to all sorts of abuse…

    Sex life: on hold. That’s it 🙂

  11. Hey guys this is pathetic don’t give up so easily. We all want to know about this mystery woman

  12. still got the locks dawg, unlike you i’m keepin it real….

    maybe i shud holla at ur girl, i could take real good care of her…for my homey ofcourse

  13. Galadriel. like wise pleasure to meet you.
    Joe comeon bruv tell us the story behind the story…

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