And the award goes to…….

So I went clubbing Saturday night, to be more accurate I went to a club and spent like 9tenths of the night sitting down. I knew there was a reason that those dancing shoes had been retired from active public service.

My body is now officially kaput, I danced like less than 10 songs the whole night, and I was there for FOUR hours. My back wasn’t even just creaking, it was like a banshee on steroids during a full moon. And as for my legs, well, someone with four wooden legs is better off.

Anyway, twasn’t all bad. Ndakakechwa na postman. Half English, half Maltese. So from about midnight till 2am we were talking, I’m thinking he’s cool. Now he’s walking me home and complaining about the weather.

Me: Tis bitter cold and I am sick at heart
Him: huh?
Me: It’s one of the opening lines of Hamlet
Him: (blank gaze in my direction) Huh?
Me: Hamlet, by Shakespeare
Him: (further blank expression) Oh, that one!
(to myself: Duh, no, Tower Hamlets!)

Fair to say that after that I was like there’s no winning in this life. Dumbing down is not an option, what does a girl have to do in this life to get hers?

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  1. So you, in your infinite wisdom, went about quoting Shakespeare to a Maltese postman?

    That’s just asking for trouble, in me book

  2. why would one be quoting Shakepeare at 2am for starters? You are meant to be drunk & disorderely at that hour

  3. One does not do drunk and disorderly, and one must filter the riff raff early on before investing copious amounts of time in futile exercises. anyway, the England v France game made up for any disappointments on that front. Through no fault of mine, we don’t have Sky, so I couldn’t catch the ODI between Aus and SA, that would have been worth watching. Good result for SA though. Liverpool although blighted the weekend, just when we had ManU in our sights.

  4. And as for quoting Shakespeare, all I would have asked is that he RECOGNISE Hamlet, not be able to quote it.

  5. Oh hell yeah, I had missed the ODI but I saw the AUS innings last night, my goodness. Ponting went beserk, and to think RSA actually chased 430 and got it?

    Shocking stuff, indeed. Btw Chic, I couldn’t even recognise that line, and I’m one of the literati.

  6. Well, I was kinda hoping that he would deliver his package into my slot 🙂 And ya’ll seem to be missing the point, it’s not the fact that he couldn’t quote Shakespeare, it’s the fact that he didn’t seem to know who he was. There is only so much work a person should be asked to do, and there, and I don’t do potential. Potential has this nasty way of not being realised.

  7. Apo manje, lyrically using brother Williams lines to break the ice……….thats a first & never to be done again

  8. Well, if you go about quoting obscure poetry to any random guy you hit on, I doubt you’ll ever get any deliveries in your “slot”.

    You really should be quoting 50 Cent or Bon Jovi.

    Or Elvis, depending on the age-group you’re going for (forgive me, but I’ve never seen a young postman) 😀 😀

  9. Well according to the song, they (the postmen) come twice, so they must do an awful lot of riding then. And for the record, he is 35, and at my age, that is not THAT old!

  10. nhai trev, you know better than to cast such spurious assertions. me the greatest untolerator of BS, would we be having this conversation if I did?

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