Good times in the Fun Capital…

…of Southern Africa. Friday was quiet – sort of like the calm before the storm.

Watched a bit of rugby on Saturday morning, wasn’t really feeling it so gave up early and did some cooking. Went down the Scud after lunch (with one of my new neighbours) and had a few Greens. Nothing special there, xcept meeting a couple of old faces (Kingsgate is no longer fat, Tigs) and shooting a little pool.

Well, as usual it was downhill from there, we went to a mate’s place and had a rocking good time, all well and good, then did the whole jazz thing, and as always I had an even more rocking good time at the Mannenburg. In fact, it was so good, by the time Liverpool were losing to Arsenal I was still sick and cried off the game. Well, after Henry scored, that is. That just sucks.

What did you do this weekend?

2 Replies to “Good times in the Fun Capital…”

  1. well after I tried to get a hold of u, I gave up on the weekend. Was at home all weekend except for the 12hrs of work on saturday. managed one game of sport all weekend, am quite heart broken about that

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